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Find Houses for Rent in Marshall, TX

Home to East Texas Baptist University and Wiley College, Marshall is a city in East Texas near Shreveport, Louisiana and Longview, Texas. Homes for rent in this city offer families the opportunity to be part of a community with a rich history rooted in Texas, the southern U.S. and even American music. 

Fun Facts for Future Renters

  • Marshall was the birth place of Boogie Woogie  music. It likely started in the woods near Marshall in the 1870s, from the recently freed black families who lived in log cabins. It grew to international popularity by the 1930s. 
  • Generations of Caddo Native Americans lived in Marshall prior to the Spanish first arriving in the area in 1543. The first time the area was permanently settled by European descendants was in the 1820s by Anglo-Americans and their slaves. 
  • Marshall was founded in 1841. It became the seat of Harrison county the following year and the 4th largest city in Texas in 1850. It remained the largest city in East Texas through the 1930s. Today it's still an important place for education, industry and culture. 

Helpful Resources for Residents

  • The Marshall Independent School District website is an excellent tool for parents who want to check out the wide variety of athletic and academic programs the city of Marshall has to offer. The website features contact information, school news and even a link to the TV station. 
  • The official Marshall city website {"website for the city of Marshall"} gives renters a chance to explore their new community from the comfort of their own home. With announcements, news, community events, contact information and many other municipal aids, the website is useful time and time again. 
  • Looking for news with a local twist? Check out the Marshall Messenger website. It features news, opinion, sports and more for the Marshall community.