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Find Great Houses for Rent in Montgomery, TX

Montgomery is a historic city in East Texas. Located in Montgomery County, the city is near Interstate 45, just north of Houston. Homes for rent in Montgomery are perfect for nature-loving families. Sam Houston National Forest, Huntsville State Park and Lake Conroe are just a short drive away and excellent for hiking, camping and fishing. Montgomery has a great small-town feel and fun downtown area. 

Fun Facts for Future Renters

  • Montgomery is one of the oldest communities in Texas. This city was a trading post that became a charted community in 1837, and the first county seat of Montgomery County, Texas' third county ever. 
  • The Lone Star flag, still famous and synonymous with Texas today, started in Montgomery.
  • Montgomery has evolved with the times since its early beginnings as a trading post. Today many of the city's residents live in the large subdivisions such as Buffalo Springs, April Sound or Grand Harbor. 

Helpful Resources for Residents

  • Renters who are trying to enroll their children in school should visit the Montgomery Independent School District website. Whether you want to find your bus route, learn about school lunches or access the parent portal, this website is a great tool. 
  • If you're looking for local, state and national news in one place, you'll want to check out the Montgomery County News website. Hard news, local opinions and high school sports, are just a few of the subjects that this online news source covers. 
  • The official Montgomery city website is an excellent resource for any renter. It allows residents and visitors to look at everything from the local meeting notes to the city's history.