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Find Houses for Rent in Ponder, TX

Ponder is located at the intersection of routes 2449 and 156. It's just east of Denton and the University of North Texas. Homes for rent in Ponder are also close to the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Ponder gives residents the chance to live in a rural, small town with plenty of schools and a great downtown that has local shops, factories and a veterinary hospital. But renters are also less than an hour's drive from one of the nation's largest cities. 

Fun Facts for Future Renters

  • The first settler in what would become Ponder was Silas Christal, who started an ox-powered gristmill in the 1850s. Throughout the 20th century, many people followed Christal's example, setting up businesses throughout town, such as the liquefied natural gas plant or Syracuse's Italian Sausage Company. 
  • As with many communities in Texas, most settlers didn't come until the railroad ran through the town. The Santa Fe Railroad named the town Gerald. However, it had to be changed after it was discovered that another Texas community was named Gerald. "Ponder" was named after important Denton landowner W.A. Ponder. 
  • Ponder boomed through the early 1900s with a variety additions to the community. It has remained close to nearby Denton economically and culturally over the years. 

Helpful Resources for Residents

  • The Denton Record-Chronicle is an excellent news source for Ponder residents. As the largest community near Ponder, Denton's newspaper cover Ponder as well as other nearby cities, the state and the region. 
  • Renters will want to bookmark Ponder's website. It has maps, contact information for various departments, town services, public announcements and important documentation. 
  • Children in Ponder are part of the Ponder Independent School District. The schools have a strong online presence that serves students, parents and staff with resources such as material data safety sheets for chemistry, research help and cafeteria information.