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Houses for Rent in San Juan, Texas

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Find Houses for Rent in San Juan, TX

A city in Hidalgo County, San Juan is near the Mexican border, the Rio Grande and the Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge. Homes for rent in San Juan are near interstates 2 and 69c for easy access in every direction to cities like McAllen. San Juan is an urban-suburban community with many schools, churches and commercial businesses.

Fun Facts for Future Renters

  • San Juan is home to the Virgen de San Juan del Valle Shrine, or the Our Lady of San Juan Shrine. The current shine was dedicated in the 1980s to much fanfare and national television coverage. There have been two previous versions of the chapel and large edifices. In the 1970s, the shine was destroyed when a small plane crashed into the structure. 
  • San Juan's population more than doubled in the 1990s as the community thrived with its economy based on agriculture, commerce and shine-related tourism.
  • Made up of two land grants from the 1700s, San Juan was largely a rural farming community until 1909 when John Closner organized and named the town after himself.

Helpful Resources for Residents

  • Families renting in San Juan will want to check out The Monitor. This Texas newspaper covers all the news, opinion and sports in the region surrounding San Juan, giving families a complete picture and plenty of information about the community.
  • The Pharr-San Juan-Alamo Independent School District's website has plenty of information for parents on everything from registration and classes to continuing education, online resources and athletics info.
  • The official San Juan city website is an excellent tool for connecting residents with important departments such as the library, police station, Valley Metro and city hall. The site also allows for online bill paying.