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Ashland is located in eastern Virginia in Hanover County. Its working-class communities and hard-work ethics make for affordable homes for rent and a positive neighborhood environment. There's also a strong emphasis toward education and public spaces. Schools, libraries and entertainment venues are scattered throughout the region.

Things Ashland Renters Need to Know

  • Hanover County Public Schools serve as the main venue for education in the Ashland area. However, the town also plays host to Ralph-Macon College, a private facility known for its selective nature.
  • One of the biggest modes of public transit remains the local Amtrak station. There are a variety of highways that crisscross the region as well, but the historic building remains a focal point of the town.
  • The area was originally centered on a crossroads of several railroads and a mineral spring. There are no longer any baths in the region, but the site remains popular among train enthusiasts.

Top Resources for Ashland Renters

  • The Town of Ashland's official website hosts a wide array of resources for residents and renters. Its options include a calendar of events, recent updates, town maps, transit options and contact information for government offices. There's also an outreach and community board for connecting with other members of Ashland's population.
  • Ashland Main Street is a website dedicated to the region's burgeoning small business population. There are photos of local companies, cultural art galleries, event announcements and message boards that keep the small-town feel of Ashland alive.

More Fun Things to Do Near Ashland Rentals

The Strawberry Faire is an annual event held every June in Ashland. The town holds a pageant, including a scholarship award and other local prizes, and pulls in tourists and residents from all over the state. The central theme of the event is the region's strawberry planting season.