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Burke is centrally located in Fairfax County, Va., and is a major historical town. This area is heavily developed and harbors a variety of human-engineered lakes and ponds, helping to beautify the region. Its history with the railroad industry and proximity to Washington, D.C., makes this area easy for commuters seeking homes for rent and ensures separation of life and work for upcoming professionals. 

Things Burke Renters Need to Know

  • Burke is a very connected community. There are many farmers markets, educational centers, community events and outreach programs that encourage building stronger links between residents.
  • The area puts a heavy emphasis on education and civic interests. There are a half-dozen libraries and even more schools at all levels, making it easy to find a learning opportunity in the area.
  • Artificial structures have contributed to turning a significant portion of Burke into ponds and lakes. This changeover has helped increase public works interest and boosted park space.

Top Resources for Burke Renters

  • The Burke Patch gives residents insight into what's new and upcoming in the community. This website allows people to keep up with regional concerns, learn about schools, get job listings and connect with the neighborhood.
  • CNN Money Magazine offers specific insight into some of the best features of Burke. The national ratings system for best places to live has placed Burke in the top 50 for a number of years, reinforcing the idea that there are plenty of positive elements surrounding this location.

More Fun Things to Do Near Burke Rentals

Burke has a huge array of public parks, pools and recreational opportunities. Burke Lake Park is one of the best options for families and young people, as this site has boat rentals, ice cream parlors, swimming, biking and walking opportunities all throughout the year. The park even has ice skating and other options during the winter months.