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Find Houses for Rent in Stafford, VA

Stafford lies outside the realm of Washington, D.C., commuters and business impacts. This makes homes for rent more accessible and creates a more suburban, relaxed environment for residents. The region has a strong military presence and is easily accessible through public transit. There's also a rich history in the region that helps generate a vibrant downtown and tourist culture.

Things Stafford Renters Need to Know

  • Situated more than 40 miles south of Washington, D.C., the majority of workers here work regionally. This helps support strong communities and a superb residential quality of life.
  • The Marine Corps Base Quantico is a prominent installation and employs a large number of residents in the Stafford area.
  • Historical influences run deep in Stafford. Some of the earliest events in American history, including the meeting of Pocahontas by the English, took place within the region's boundaries. This makes it a major tourist attraction.

Top Resources for Stafford Renters

  • Tour Stafford serves as the official website of the Stafford area, offering information about things to do and places to go. The page offers insights into educational and recreational facilities as well as regular activities for residents.
  • Stafford Online provides a thorough understanding of all the events and ideas traveling through the region. There are links to current calendars, celebrations, town meetings and other resources for residents. Job and community outreach opportunities are even available through this site.

More Fun Things to Do Near Stafford Rentals

Thanks to Stafford's unique placement in Virginia, wine country is well within reach. Taking tours of wineries and vineyards in the area is easy thanks to public transit and sponsored tours, or people can charter their own adventures to taste the grapes of the region.