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Find Houses for Rent in Tysons Corner, VA

Tysons Corner, between Vienna and McLean, is an urban area dedicated to shopping and commercial living. The census-designated place is dotted with upscale homes for rent, fine dining and retail establishments that make this a very desirable address for local and Washington, D.C., employees. Located just on the outskirts of the Washington metropolitan area, many residents work for or are tied to the government in some way.

Things Tysons Corner Renters Need to Know

  • Tysons Corner is known for its shopping. The area boasts the largest mall in the state, as well as several other shopping centers, despite its total area standing at less than 5 square miles.
  • With the majority of the area dedicated to retail and commercial spaces, this edge community serves as the main financial district of Fairfax County.
  • The range of public transit available to Tysons Corner residents continues to increase. Metro Rail and bus options service the region, and the Capital Beltway is easily accessible in many areas.

Top Resources for Tysons Corner Renters

  • FXVA has a section dedicated to Tysons Corner and its lifestyle opportunities. The page has a sprawling calendar of events, shopping guides, resident resources and outlets for finding other communities. It's perfect for planning a trip or getting more information on regional affairs.
  • Fairfax County's online presence features in-depth detail about Tysons Corner's ongoing improvement and growth initiatives. The resource shows the current availability of transit opportunities, parks, recreation facilities and other points of interest.

More Fun Things to Do Near Tysons Corner Rentals

When residents tire of shopping and fine dining, there's easy access to Washington just 11 miles to the east. There, people can find plenty of historical monuments, libraries and museums, many of which are affordable or free for admission.