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Discover Houses for Rent in Buckley, WA

Although somewhat off the beaten path, Buckley is a wonderful and engaging city with plenty of homes for rent to choose from, and is located not far from major points of interest including Seattle and the Puget Sound. Buckley is in Pierce County, was incorporated in 1889 and has one of the smaller populations in the state, making it a tranquil and relaxing environment for prospective and current residents. 

What Renters Should Know About Buckley

  • The Company A, 1st Battalion, 19th Special Forces Group, which is a part of the National Guard's Special Forces, is located within Buckley's borders. 
  • Main Street in Buckley is a historic area with plenty of smaller shops, restaurants and bars for renters to enjoy throughout the year. 
  • Although Buckley has plenty of city-like amenities, renters who are true lovers of the outdoors will be best suited to this area. 
  • Buckley has one of the most robust histories of any city in the Pacific Northwest region, and remains an active community. 

Resources for Prospective Buckley Residents

  • Information about public education in the area can be accessed through the official White River School District website. 
  • For local news, interested parties can refer to the My Northwest Web page dedicated to goings-on in the city of Buckley. 
  • The Buckley Chamber of Commerce provides more information about the city's business situation. 
  • Residents who want to learn more about public services and resources should refer to the official City of Buckley website. 

Life in Buckley

There's truly never a dull moment in this relatively obscure city, as renters will often travel into the natural scenic environments that surround Buckley. However, those who like to be around people and go out on the town will have plenty of options within the city and in nearby Seattle.