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Houses for Rent in Camas, Washington

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Find Houses for Rent in Camas, WA

The city of Camas is a great place for families looking for homes for rent. This close-knit community strives to retain its heritage while still embracing the future, making it an ideal location for those who want to live in a historic place with plenty of modern amenities. 

What Camas Renters Need to Know

  • Camas has a long history. It was founded in 1883 as a mill town and got its name from the Camas Lily that can be found in the area.
  • Camas is conveniently located near Vancouver, Wash. Because it's situated right on the Washington-Oregon border, it's actually quite close to Portland, Ore., as well. This makes it a great location for individuals who work in either of these metro areas. 
  • Downtown Camas has developed into a cultural and historical hotspot in recent years. A movement to beautify the area and ensure that it's a safe, community-focused meeting spot for locals has gained steam, and it's now a bustling, thriving part of town.

3 Resources for Camas Renters 

  • The Camas Washougal Chamber of Commerce can help entrepreneurs who want to launch a company in business-friendly Camas. The organization's website has plenty of resources for those looking to set out on their own.
  • Involvement in the Camas School District is key for parents with school-aged children. The district's website can help residents stay up to date with the latest news. 
  • The local library isn't just a place to find books - it's also a valuable resource for those who need information on recent events or those who want to get more involved with the community. 

Entertainment in Camas

There are plenty of events in the exciting downtown area, but Camas residents who want a little more to do will never have to look hard for entertainment options. Numerous local parks and trails make it easy to enjoy the great outdoors and stay active.