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Discover Beautiful Houses for Rent in Covington, WA

Covington is one of the biggest cities in all of Washington state, and is located within King County, placing it nearby Seattle and countless engaging attractions in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. There's no shortage of homes for rent in Covington, and prospective residents will be treated to some of the most gorgeous living environments in all of North America. 

What Covington Renters Ought to Know

  • Covington wasn't always a major city, but rather became one in 2010 after decades of being considered the Covington-Sawyer Wilderness census-designated place. 
  • Covington is one of the more obscure cities in all of King County, and has countless natural attractions for residents to enjoy. 
  • Although other cities and towns surrounding Covington have industrial and technology-tied economies, this one is far more active in the retail sector. 
  • Like many other areas of Washington state, Covington features a beautiful climate with hot summers and cool winters. 
  • Residents can even experience the legendary Pineapple Express, which is a weather system that brings tropical air up from Hawaii and the Southern Pacific to the Northwest.

Resources for Covington Renters

  • The Covington Chamber of Commerce offers more information about business and industrial resources in the city. 
  • Children living in the city will attend classes in schools in the Covington Public School District.
  • Residents who want to get a better understanding of life in Covington should check out the Maple Valley Reporter, which offers local news. 
  • The City of Covington's website provides more information about public services and resources. 

Tranquil Life in Covington

Despite being designated as a city, Covington has a very laid-back quality of life that's perfect for a variety of renters. The natural attractions surrounding the city, as well as the bustling nightlife in Seattle, make this a unique and wonderful place to live.