5 Curb Appeal Ideas for Your Rental Home

by Cora Gold | Updated: Aug 12, 2020

When looking to rent your property, you might feel like you're swimming in upkeep and preparation-based tasks. You want your space to look appealing to renters so they can picture themselves feeling at home, and it can be tricky to figure out what should take priority. Consider paying attention to curb appeal ideas. Often, a little extra effort can really shine through with landscaping and exterior decoration.

The exterior is the first impression tenants have of your space, so it's important that it feels welcoming, neat and creative. Here are a few curb appeal ideas you can implement to let potential tenants know your rental is a place they can call home.

1. Add a pop of color

A red front door with flowers around it is one example of many curb appeal ideas.

Nothing says unique and quirky quite like some color. You can include a splash of something bold and bright to bring in a bit of character to even the most standard residences. Try a bright mailbox or pastel shutters for a bit of a twist. You can also try a funky color on your front door to draw the eye. From a daring red to a calming blue, your choices are endless.

2. Go with the flow

A birdbath in a front yard surrounded by flowers.

It might seem a bit cliche, but a water feature always adds extra magic to any outdoor space. You don't have to dig out a spot to install a giant fountain or cascading waterfall — simply include any kind of water feature that would best fit your rental. You can choose a birdbath or a small fountain if either strikes your fancy.

Including water in your outdoor design increases your space's natural qualities while also making it feel curated and stylish.

3. Go green

The front of a house with a few large trees, bushes and flowers.

When considering curb appeal ideas, plants need to be brought into the conversation. Planting bushes, flowers and trees around the house can do wonders to create a lush, green and inviting space. Some plants are more common for front yards and are easy to care for, but there are also plenty of easy flowers to grow if you're looking for a bit more color.

4. Illuminate your space

Close up of hanging lights on a roof of a deck.

While it can be easy to think of curb appeal only pertaining to daytime, it's also crucial to consider lighting solutions for the evening. Making sure your pathways are clear and cleanly lit can make a huge difference, and depending on your style, that could be all you need. However, if you're looking to add extra flair, you can always include decorative lighting solutions.

String and fairy lights can create a cool garden atmosphere around your rental home as long as you avoid any that look too much like Christmas lights. You can also coordinate your lighting solutions with each season.

5. Give it a good trim

Nicely trimmed and manicured front lawn of craftsmen home.

One of the biggest secrets to great curb appeal is hardly a secret at all. Simply put, having a well-groomed and tidy yard can improve any home's appearance. Trimming the hedges, mowing the lawn regularly and keeping all the plants and features well-cared-for can go a long way. Putting in this effort gives a clean appearance that's homey and inviting to potential renters.

Enhance your home's exterior for renters with curb appeal ideas

As a prospective landlord, you call the shots concerning your property, which comes with the responsibility of caring for it. No matter what design features you go with, putting some extra elbow grease into your home's curb appeal will attract future tenants and have them feeling happy and at home.

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