Decorating Tips for Your Outdoor Patio

by Brian Carberry | Updated: Jun 14, 2019

Do you have an outdoor patio that you don’t really use? Maybe it needs a makeover to be a place you'd actually want to spend time in. Or maybe you're just tired of the look it has right now. Either way, you’re looking to decorate, and we have tips to help you.

Keep it relaxing

This should be obvious but needs to be said. This is a place to sit back and relax, so make sure it looks and feels that way. Have comfortable chairs and use decorations that you like.

Gardening is good

The patio is outdoors, so you’re already going to have grass and trees, but plants won’t hurt. Whether you simply opt for potted plants or decide to create your own little garden, either add to the atmosphere.

Pay attention to the weather/climate

You have to adapt your patio to where you live. If it gets really cold, you’re either going to not use it that time of year or need to heat it up. If it’s really sunny most of the time, large umbrellas will help keep the sun off you. Whatever climate you live in, make sure you keep it in mind when setting up your patio.

Bring a bit of the indoors outside

If your patio is right outside your backdoor, you can make it more continuous than a sharp indoor/outdoor divide. A sliding door and some furniture just outside the door can make the patio feel more like part of the house.

Use similar patterns across your decorations

You don’t want everything to look the same, but there should be some consistency throughout your decorating. This is especially relevant for pillows and cushions — try to get all of them in the same or similar patterns. The same goes for the furniture itself; things like mismatched chairs or tables can be quite awkward.

Partially enclose it to add privacy

Don’t like being out where the neighbors can see you all the time? Some canvas “walls” can give you privacy without making it feel like you’re still indoors. These can also help make the indoors and outdoors more continuous — you’re outside, but it still feels a bit like you’re indoors, so it’s not as harsh of a transition.

Use materials that can be left outdoors year-round

Winter is cold, summer is hot, and there are rainy days all throughout the year. Make sure that any furniture you use will be able to handle all of these conditions. If there’s anything that doesn’t, then it might not be right for your patio. At the very least, change out furniture for summer and winter as the weather changes.

Have lots of seats and surfaces

If you want guests to come over, they need somewhere to put themselves and their drinks. Having a lot of chairs will give them plenty of places to sit, and having tables, both large and small, provide plenty of space for drinks.

Do you have any other ideas on how to decorate your outdoor patio? Let us know in the comments!

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