Holiday Decoration Ideas for Your Rental Home

by Rebecca Green | Updated: Dec 20, 2019

As the holidays approach, you need to think about decorations. If you’re stuck while looking for holiday decoration ideas for your rental home, here are some good starting points.

Have a solid tree

The tree is going to be the center of your decorations. Spend some good time on making it look as good as possible and you’ll have a great center for your home’s decorations to build around.

Try multiple trees

No, they don’t all have to be really big trees, but another small tree or two can really add to the holiday feeling of your home.

Quality over quantity, especially outside

You want good decorations, not just a lot of decorations. It’s better to have a couple of good decorations than a lot of mediocre ones. This is doubly so for outdoor decorations, where it’s easy to get way too big and tacky. Lots of decorations can be done well, but it has to be done carefully.

Good lighting makes the mood

Lighting is always important, but there’s even more importance to it in the holidays. Christmas lights, used well, can make it feel like the holidays with just a couple of strings. Candles also help a lot, though you may want to use fake, battery-powered candles to keep from there being a fire hazard.

Personalize your decorations

At risk of saying something too obvious, putting your name on things makes it feel more personal. The first place to go is putting your names on the stockings, but look for other places it can go. Don’t plaster your name over everything in the house, but having it in a couple places will make the decorations feel a lot more like yours.

Pay attention to the scent

Part of the feel of the holidays is the smell. Some pine scents - or if another if you choose - will do a lot to make it feel like the holidays.

Using colors

Red and green are solid colors, but can be a bit much. Instead of Christmas colors, try working more with wintery colors, like dark greens and browns. Scattering some neutral colors around, like white or champagne, can help balance things out a bit as well.

Match decoration and gift wrap

If possible, try to find wrapping paper that matches the general feeling or look of your home. This will help them fit in better, along with the next tip we have.

Use presents as decoration

Not all the presents have to go under the tree. Try putting them on stairs as decorating accessories to give a more festive look.

Try making things

If you’re even remotely crafty, this can help a lot. It’ll give you a fun project to work on and you can make exactly what you need rather than having to try and find the right thing someone else has already made.

Don’t disassemble your existing decorations

You already have a home that’s decorated to your particular style. Don’t disrupt that completely for the sake of decorating for the holidays. It’ll be a lot of work and doesn’t help things. Instead, try to work with your current decorations to make the new holiday decorations fit in a lot better.

Have any other good holiday decoration ideas? Let us know in the comments! Looking for more decoration tips? Check out our Summer Decorating Tips or How to Furnish and Decorate a Small Home.

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