July 2008

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Issue No. 11, July 2008

Do It Yourself Walkways

Do It Yourself – Walkways

Everyone knows that in Real Estate the number one concern is location, location, location, but what happens after a prospect nails down their desired location? What will set you apart from all the other homes for rent on the block? Curb Appeal.

Curb Appeal includes everything from landscaping to a fresh coat of paint, but there are some premium enhancements that can really make the difference, and they need not be complicated or expensive. One of these is an embellished walkway.

Laying down a flagstone or brick path leading to the front door or from a side door to a patio or deck in the back can be super simple.

Pick a style. While gravel walkways are the simplest to install they can pose a problem when the gravel is kicked into the yard. You may also, want to consider a brick or flagstone path, though a little more difficult to install they do have that ‘wow’ factor.

Getting Started. Start with a level surface and lay down a layer of sand. If you decided to go with a gravel walkway you’ll want to pick up a wood or plastic frame to keep things uniform. If you’ve decided to go with brick or flagstone you’ll need to take care to ensure that stones are secure and don’t wobble.

Get Creative. The whole point of the project is to beautify the yard, so don’t be afraid to try an intricate design. Visit your local home improvement store for ideas and tips on how to make the best of your project.

In today’s market you can never be too concerned with the details. Take the time to make your home the best on the block. Good Luck!

Do you have home improvement ideas of your own? Let us know at comments@rentals.com and we may reprint it in a later issue.


Green Tip

Green Tip


Air conditioning can offer sweet relief during the hot summer months, but be sensitive to excessive use. Turn your thermostat up a few degrees in the office during the day and make sure you turn it off at night.

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In This Issue:


Industry News


The Bergstrom Center for Real Estate Studies at the University of Florida recently completed a survey of the Florida real estate market. The survey states that “Florida’s condominium markets and some single-family development markets have pneumonia and Florida’s rental real estate markets have the fu.” Click here to read the findings.


Many people trying to sell their homes are finding that their insurance policies expire if the home is vacant for more than 30 days. The Realty Times reports on some options for homeowners to help avoid the costs of vacant home insurance, including renting out their home.



Industry News


Rob Massey, Jr.

Rob’s Tips

It’s Cool for Your Residents to Not Be Hot or Cold

Mid-summer is a great time to start servicing furnaces and heaters for the coming heating season. Preventative maintenance is far less costly than emergency repairs that must be made at the time in need. Because HVAC contractors can perform regular servicing work between more urgent work and during slow periods, many of them offer discounts to customers who utilize their services for this type of work. Performing routine servicing and maintenance to furnaces and air conditioners also extends the lives of the equipment. Don’t miss out on this worthwhile money saver, which also pleases the renter.

Rob Massey Jr., is a Certified Property Manager (CPM) and past President of the Louisville Chapter of the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM).


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