May 2008

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Issue Number 8, May 2008

Gardening For Beginners

Summer is on its way and school is almost over. That means two to three months of sightseeing, volunteering, sunbathing or just plain relaxing, but to get the most out of your summer you’ll need to do a little planning, especially if you’re on a budget. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Get Local– With rising gas prices extreme destination vacations may not be possible, but that doesn’t mean that you have to cancel your trip. Try destinations that are close to home. Every state has a tourism board and you can be surprised how much fun can be had just two or three hours from home. A road trip to a nearby Bed and Breakfast or rental home on a lake may be just the getaway you need.

Consider a Rental – When you need to get the most bang for your buck, a rental home or condo can sometimes be your best options especially if you’ve got a large group or family or if you’d like to stay longer than a couple of days. Rental homes can offer privacy that you just can’t get from large resorts and hotels and they allow you to take advantage of cost saving measures like full- kitchens or game rooms. Visit Vacation Rentals to browse options for your next trip.

DIY – Using a travel agent can sometimes pack on unnecessary dollars to your travel budget, and many times that work can be done with just a little effort and time. Try online services to research package deals for a hotel, rental cars, and airfare. You’ll get lots of options and be able to compare destinations quickly and easily. You can also check out sources like the Travel Channel for destination guides to help you decide what to do and see across the globe.

Now that you know what to do all that’s left is figuring out where to go. Now, that’s the hard part. Visit Vacation Rentals and let your imagination run wild.

Featured Vacation Homes
Featured Vacation Rentals

Relax at one of these great summer vacation getaways!

Santa Cruz, CA

3 bed / 2 bath

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Post Falls, ID

3 bed / 2 1/2 bath

More About Listing

Virginia Beach , VA

5 bed / 6 bath

More About Listing

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Get in the Clear

May is Asthma Awareness month and according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency 22 million people are affected by it. Many of the same irritants that aggravate those with allergies affect those with asthma. To make sure that your home is clean and clear, there are a few things you can do.

By dusting and vacuuming regularly you can limit the buildup that can sometimes trigger asthma attacks. You’ll want to wipe down surfaces and ceiling fans, as well. The same idea applies to your pets. Pet dander and the pollen, spores, and dust that pets can sometimes bring in from outdoors can be equally as harmful. Either keep pets indoors or bathe them regularly to keep indoor irritants at a minimum. .

Did you know that cooking smells and smoke can also trigger attacks? Ban smoking indoors, altogether. Not only can it prevent attacks, it can prevent the onset of asthma in small children. As for cooking, an all-out ban may not be feasible, but installing an extraction fan may be well worth it to reduce the smoke and fumes that may irritate family members of guests. And in a pinch, opening a window works just as well. .

Making your home friendly to asthma and allergy sufferers can be easy, it just takes a little effort and a lot of care and you’re on your way.

Smart Idea

Green Tip

Have you ever wondered what kinds of renewable energy are feasible for your area? Not only is renewable energy like wind and solar good for the environment it can also offer large cost saving benefits. Visit the My Watts Estimater at Choose Renewables to get a renewable resource analysis near your new rental, or just enter in the zip code to check out neighborhoods you’re considering. The Earth will thank you.

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Satisfying Summer Recipe

Fried Green Tomatoes
Shanna Miles



1 green tomato

2 large eggs

1 cup Bread crumbs

1 cup seasoned flour*

Salt and Pepper

Vegetable Oil



Heat vegetable oil in a medium high frying pan.

Whisk eggs and salt and pepper in a bowl.

Place crumbs in one bowl and flour/breading in another.

Cut tomato into 1cm thick slices. Cover tomato slices in a full dusting of the flour.

Dip dusted slices in egg mixture until fully covered.

Dip egged slices in bread crumbs until completely covered.

Fry slices in oil until golden brown. Serve hot!

*substitute flour for cornmeal if you like a good “crunch”

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