Take Steps to Secure Your Rental Home

by Steffi Cook | Updated: Dec 13, 2019

One of the worst feelings you can have is feeling unsafe in your own home.  Follow these steps to secure your rental home and keep your peace of mind.

Lock the doors and windows

Obvious, but essential. When locking doors and windows, make sure to consider less obvious places. Second story windows and patio doors are easy to forget. While a lock isn't fool proof, it makes it much more difficult for thieves to get in.

Security camera/system

If thieves gets past locked entrances, a security system can easily deter them from going any further. Cameras will make it easier to identify who broke in and act as another deterrent if they’re visible.

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Make it look like you’re at home

If the house looks abandoned or just uninhabited, it's more likely for someone to break in. Having a car parked outside and keeping interior lights on a timer will help make it look like someone is home at all times.

Those stickers you see on homes with extensive security systems are a great deterrent. If you don’t actually have a security system, it still makes you seem like less of an easy target.

Have renters insurance

This won’t help secure your rental home, but it will help with problems later on. If someone does break in, renters insurance will help cover the financial burden. Make sure to keep records of what you own and keep your insurance up to date if the worst happens. Looking for a good policy? We can help.

Do you have any more tips for how to secure your rental home? Let us know in the comments!

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