The Best Christmas Trees for Your Rental Home

by Morgen Henderson | Updated: Dec 3, 2021

It's easy to think that a Christmas tree is just any old evergreen tree and they're all the same. But there are actually many different types of evergreen trees that we use at Christmas, each with its own shape, size, fullness, color and scent.

Every home has its own style of Christmas décor and maintenance needs and you'll want a tree that will best fit both your home and lifestyle. Whether you want a bushy, full tree that smells like the forest or a citrusy-scented tree with bluish needles, here are the best Christmas trees for your rental home.

Artificial tree

artificial tree

If you don't want to deal with the maintenance of a live tree, then an artificial tree will do the trick! Artificial trees come in all styles and mimic just about every other type of Christmas tree out there. Plus, some of them come pre-lit, so you don't even have to add lights when you set it up. All you do is plug it in!

Artificial trees don't come with the natural wood scent that real trees do and you need to make sure you have room to store it somewhere. But you also get to reuse it year after year, so you don't need to worry about disposing of your tree when the holidays are over.

Balsam fir

Balsam Fir

The classic Christmas tree scent is typically that of the balsam fir — there are candles and air fresheners with the smell of this tree in mind. But its scent isn't the only great thing about this tree. It has bushy branches that are full of dark green needles. Because of this, the balsam fir looks very full and there aren't many gaps between branches. However, because the branches are so bushy, it's hard to hang lots of ornaments and decorations. In any case, it's a good tree to choose for Christmas.

Black Hills spruce

Black Hills Spruce

If you don't have much room in your rental home but still want a live tree, the Black Hills spruce is probably your best choice. It has all of the perks of other trees, including sturdy branches for hanging ornaments, beautiful green foliage and a traditional cone shape — except it's smaller! Some can even be displayed on top of a table, so you'll be able to fit it in the house no matter what.

Colorado blue spruce

Colorado blue spruce

For something with a color that's out of the ordinary, the Colorado blue spruce doesn't really have green needles. Just as the name implies, its needles are blue-gray and can even give off a silvery sheen in the right light. It has the same shape and full branches, so you can decorate it with any style and size of ornaments. However, be careful when decorating as this tree has sharp needles that may scratch your hands and arms. Wear long sleeves as you hang your ornaments.

Douglas fir

Douglas Fir

The Douglas fir is one of the most common trees at Christmas time, in part because of its full form, nearly-perfect shape and needles that last a long time (and won't fall all over the floor and make a mess). It has a subtle smell that won't overpower your home but will add that little extra bit of holiday nostalgia. Because its branches are so full (and not as sturdy as other trees), it can make hanging a lot of heavy ornaments a little bit difficult, so keep that in mind if you're planning on using lots of decorations on it.

Fraser fir

Frasier Fir

This tree's scent is another popular candle, as well. One of its best traits is that the Fraser fir holds its form well and branches will hold well throughout the season. Fraser fir branches are strong and can hold lots of ornaments and decorations without sagging or breaking. It does tend to have gaps in between branches, but it makes up for those gaps by having long, soft needles that keep well (as long as the tree is getting enough water).

Scotch Pine

Scotch Pine

Known for being low-maintenance and long-lasting, the Scotch pine is best for your rental home if you plan on keeping your tree up for a long time. It also has branches that are strong enough to hold many ornaments, even if they're on the heavy side. The one thing to watch out for with the Scotch pine is its needles — they're longer than many other Christmas tree needles and are sharp and prickly. You may need to wear gloves to protect your hands while you decorate.

White fir

White Fir

If you want a traditional-style tree that doesn't look or smell like other Christmas trees, the white fir can set you apart. It still has the same look of a Christmas tree as far as branches, needles and a good tapered shape. But its needles have more of a silvery-blue hue to them, rather than the deep green of other trees.

It also has a woody-citrus scent, so it won't smell like a traditional balsam or Fraser fir, yet your home will smell delightful. The white fir has good needle retention, too, so no need to vacuum your floor as often to clean up the needles.

Caring for your Christmas tree

Whichever tree you choose, you'll need to care for and maintain it while it's in your house.

Water it well

Unless you have an artificial tree, you'll need to water your Christmas tree. Just like any other type of live plant, your tree needs water to stay hydrated. If it dries out too much, branches will start dying and needles will fall all over your floor. Check the water each day to make sure it has enough and give it more when needed.

If you're checking the water each day and it's completely dry every time, then that's a sign to give it more water. There should always be at least a little bit of water left when you check. The tree will only take the water it needs, so you won't overwater it by giving it a little bit extra.

Trim the trunk

Before putting your Christmas tree in its base at home, check the trunk to make sure it's been trimmed. Most sellers will trim the trunk before selling the tree, but you may need to trim it again when you get home. You really want to check for any resin that has built up at the base. If there's too much, it prevents the tree from taking in water and will make it dry out quickly.

Keep it far from heat and flames

Since your Christmas tree is wood, it's highly flammable. You don't want your tree to go up in flames and damage the home, not to mention, it can put you and your family at risk of being hurt.

Keep your tree away from anywhere that there's a lot of heat or flames, such as a fireplace, radiator or heat vent and make sure you don't light candles near it, or else your house could end up smelling like smoke. Plus, the heat can make them dry out faster, so your tree will lose its needles and branches sooner if it's near a heat source.

The perfect tree for your home

No matter what shape, size, color or scent you want, there's a tree out there that's great for your rental home! It may take some searching to find the perfect one, but once you find it, you'll be able to enjoy it for the Christmas season with your family and friends.

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