The 19 Best Landlord Apps to Manage Your Rental Property in 2021

by Lesly Gregory | Updated: Jun 9, 2021

In 2020 the number of unoccupied rental housing units decreased to under 3 million for the first time in eight years. People are ready to rent, but you can’t get a unit occupied without knowing the best ways to list your properties, manage tenants and make technology work for you.

Don’t let your attractive, amenity-filled properties lay empty — try out this variety of landlord apps to make your job easier and your tenants happier.

Landlord apps for every need

Even if there’s not “an app for that” specific need, digital landlord apps you can access from your cell phone exist in every category. Whatever your needs are, the right landlord resources are available to make your job more streamlined and efficient. Read through the whole list or jump ahead to the topics that interest you the most:

List a property for rent

Showcase your vacancies

Manage documents

Get landlords insurance

Screen tenants

Property accounting and taxes

Track rental prices

Staying on top of maintenance

Cleaning rentals

Monitoring utilities

Collecting rent

Selling a rental property

List a property for rent

Searching for rental properties on a tablet.

Dive into these landlord apps right from the start to make sure you’re listing your properties for rent in the best locations online. Each of these options is part of the RentPath network of sites. Combined, they receive 30 million monthly views, so listing your property on any of these landlord apps provides excellent visibility.


Primarily focused on single-family rentals like townhomes, houses and condos, isn’t an actual app. It is, however, accessible on mobile devices such as phones and tablets, as well as your computer. It lets you create dynamic listings to attract interest.

Our website offers a complete set of services geared toward bringing landlords and prospective tenants together, letting you do more than just list your available properties. You’ll also have the ability to screen potential tenants, collect rent online and even sell rentals when the time comes. makes it easy to house all the services you need as a landlord in a single place — online. And when you list with, your property will also be live on the entire suite of RentPath sites (included below).


Whether you need to list a vacant rental house or apartment, has you covered. This site lets you list a single unit to an entire complex. It draws a lot of younger renters, including many first-time renters and millennials.

Download the app from the App Store or Google Play.

3. Apartment Guide

An ideal spot to list units within a multifamily community, Apartment Guide gives qualified renters the resources to find their ideal apartment home. Offering up multiple, easy ways to connect brings interested tenants and property managers together faster.

Prospective renters will also find a lot of city-based and neighborhood-focused information while browsing on Apartment Guide, enhancing the value of each of your listings without you having to lift a finger.

Listing on this site exposes you to a wide variety of renter personalities and makes interacting with prospective tenants an easy, seamless experience.

Download the app from the App Store or Google Play.

4. Lovely

If you’re a tech-savvy landlord looking to attract tech-savvy renters, listing your property on Lovely helps narrow the margin. This apartment-search marketplace draws most of its interest from renters living in major urban areas.

Updated in real-time, listing here puts your properties in front of renters actively searching for their next home.

Download the app from the App Store or Google Play.

Showcase your vacancies

Once you know the sites your listing will live on, the next step is to ensure you’ve got those alluring photos and videos to reel in prospective tenants. The right landord apps can make sure you’re adequately capturing your vacancies to gain maximum interest.

5. Matterport

Matterport's 3D photography capabilities make it a great landlord app.
Photo source: Matterport

Enticing visuals today are so much more than flat, static pictures. Help your properties stand out by creating 3D models that open up your space with Matterport. These digital images offer an immersive experience for prospective tenants without them having to physically visit the property.

Resembling a 3D floor plan, but with the details of your actual home within it, you’re essentially creating a digital twin or an accurate 3D model of your rental to promote online and really garner interest for your listings. Matterport also offers 4K print-quality photos, guided video tours and can generate OBJ, XYZ, JPG and PDF files.

The app works with higher-end camera equipment as well as your mobile device for easy scans, even if you’re not super technical. If you want, you can hire capture service technicians from Matterport to do the scanning for you.

Download the app from the App Store or Google Play.

6. iMovie

For Apple users, iMovie is a great way to put a little polish on your video tour of a vacant home. Using this app, you can take small videos of your property and edit them together into a single, online tour — which is what a lot of prospective tenants expect to see these days. You’re even able to add in titles, music and effects or combine video footage with pictures.

Once complete, it’s easy to share iMovie videos on social media, YouTube or embed a link in one of the property listing apps from above.

Download the app from the App Store (not available for Android users).

7. VidTrim

Another video editor, VidTrim is available only for Android users. Within this app, you can take your video footage and edit it all together. You’re also able to add effects and share finished videos directly through the app.

This app is perfect for those without video editing experience and works right from your mobile phone.

Download the app from Google Play (not available for iPhone users).

Manage documents

Woman with a stack of paper documents next to her and her laptop.

It may seem like a large part of your role as a landlord is getting tenants into vacant properties. However, you’ll also need tools to help manage the endless stream of paperwork that seals the deal.

To keep track of rental applications, lease agreements and anything else that requires a signature, try these helpful landlord apps.

8. Google Drive

Google Drive got in the game early. As that conversation about “the cloud” started emerging, Drive was right there to store your documents and revolutionize how people collaborated within a single file.

Google Drive has multiple features that make it a great app to manage all your rental documents in. You can scan, update and post copies of contracts, letters and agreements, creating a shared landlord-renter folder for each of your properties.

Each folder allows you to keep copies of everything about a particular tenant in one place that you and the tenant only have access to. What’s more — both you and your tenant will have access to the most up-to-date versions of all files within a shared folder.

So, if you make updates to a particular document within your shared folder, your tenant will be able to see that you made updates to the file, which makes sure both parties are on the same page with all updates made.

Download the app from the App Store or Google Play.

9. DocuSign

To eliminate the paper trail involved in renting a home and really streamline your process as a landlord, swap the paper for an app. DocuSign lets you sign everything digitally. Within this app, you can not only send and sign documents online but can also generate them within the app, review and approve them.

This not only saves time — also money. You don’t have to sit down with tenants to get an agreement signed each time something new comes up. And you no longer have to spend the money on printers, paper, copies, etc.

Download the app from the App Store or Google Play.

Get landlords insurance

Just as you may require tenants to get renters insurance, you too should have proper protection from the unexpected. Landlords insurance covers your financial losses in connection with your rental properties (should they occur).

What app are you using to protect yourself?

10. SURE

For customized landlords insurance that you can purchase instantly, SURE puts an entire platform at your fingertips. Although it doesn’t have its own app, it can be accessed from mobile, tablet or desktop, giving you the ability to manage your policy and account from anywhere.

Not only is the policy itself paperless, but you can report a claim without filling out a single printed form. Even better — reimbursements go straight into your bank account.

Screen tenants

Woman on her laptop and phone with  a cup of coffee.

The benefits of going digital for all your paperwork extend beyond the convenience of storing documents. Take everything online, including screening potential tenants.

11. Online applications and tenant screening reports

We offer both online applications and tenant screening reporting within our suite of landlord products. Using our online application ensures they’re always legible and easy to read since renters complete them digitally. They’ll also always be complete since all required information must be entered to successfully apply. The information asked for in our online application includes employment and residence history, personal info and more.

Our tenant screening offering includes a credit report and score, criminal background check, rental eviction report and the actual tenant application all in one place at no cost to you. An identity verification is also included. Reports come back to you instantly, giving you the information you need quickly to ensure you choose a qualified renter for your property.

Our online application and tenant screening service works easily on mobile, desktop and tablet.

Property accounting and taxes

An important point about owning a rental property that isn’t often discussed is that it’s an investment. That means paying taxes and keeping track of relevant documents to make doing those taxes easier. And yes, there’s an app for that.

12. Stessa

Keep track of the paper trail that accompanies your rental properties as an investor with Stessa. This app lets you track all your properties from an investment perspective and run monthly reports. You can get performance information, including financials, on your entire portfolio or at the property level.

You’re also able to track income and expenses, store real estate documents and export financials when it’s tax time.

As an app, you’ll gain access to all this information from anywhere, making it easier to stay on top of your investments.

Download the app from the App Store or Google Play.

Track rental prices

Woman using a calculator.

Another way to make your property attractive to prospective renters is with the monthly rental price. You don’t need to lowball the value of your rental, but rather make sure you’re staying competitive compared to similar properties in the area. Take a second to see the rental market from the tenant’s perspective, and if necessary, adjust your prices accordingly.

13. Apartment Guide Rent Calculator

It’s not its own app, but the Rent Calculator is an essential tool within the Apartment Guide app that can give you insight into the renter’s journey.

Use it to get a feeling for what the average tenant can actually afford in your area by filling out the questionnaire as if you were hunting for a rental. You can find median household income data from the U.S. Census Bureau to help populate the questionnaire. You can also use information from previous rental applications to help figure out if people are applying for rentals they can actually afford.

Download the Apartment Guide app from the App Store or Google Play.

Staying on top of maintenance

When you provide maintenance services for your current renters, it’s always hard to keep track of the vital information. But it’s even harder when repair requests are coming in via email, phone or even in passing conversation. Make it easier for yourself by taking the whole thing digital.

14. Keepe

Accessible by mobile phone, tablet or computer, Keepe isn’t an app, but it has the convenience of one. Not only will every request come to you through its site, but it will also save you the time of finding a repair professional to handle the issue.

All contractors booked through Keepe come licensed, bonded, insured and fully vetted. Additionally, there’s a streamlined billing process, giving you the option to pay yourself and charge back to your tenants if the expense is their responsibility.

Cleaning rentals

A clean rental ready for new tenants.

During the transition time when a property is empty, your top priority is cleaning it up. If it’s not ready for the next tenant, you’ll have trouble attracting interest. Again, keeping track of multiple properties in need of cleaning, securing the right cleaning service and feeling confident the work gets done right could be a full-time job. Save time with an app.

15. Handy

Letting you manage requests for a cleaning service and get reliable results all from one place, Handy provides experienced professionals and the necessary supplies to get things clean. You pick the day and time you need service and then receive instant pricing. From there, your appointment gets confirmed and you can pay electronically.

This cleaning service offers one-time appointments which you can make whenever it’s convenient for you. No need to have a service on-call when you don’t even know how often you’ll have vacancies to clean. It’s a game-changer.

Download the app from the App Store or Google Play.

Monitoring utilities

Even though it’s up to the renter most often to pay utilities, it doesn’t hurt to monitor usage. This can help you more quickly detect issues that may become your responsibility to fix later on down the road. Make sure you’re working with your tenants when using these landlord apps as they may find them useful, too.

16. Flume

To keep track of water consumption, use Flume. It’s easy to install and can detect leaks as soon as they happen. You’re also able to monitor water usage both inside and outside the property.

After the initial purchase of Flume’s equipment, you’ll have a tight handle on when water usage hits abnormal amounts. This is frequently a sign that water is leaking somewhere. Catching it early means avoiding water damage and costly repairs.

To install, fasten the sensor to your water meter, set up the app and the rest is history.

Download this landlord app from the App Store or Google Play.

17. Sense

Monitoring energy usage within a property is also easy with the help of Sense. This landlord app lets you monitor individual devices or appliances in real-time, no matter where you are. To start, all you have to do is install the monitor into the electrical panel.

This information can come in handy for the renter to use as they try to save on their own utility bill, but it can also help you make decisions about energy-efficient upgrades. Having energy-saving amenities for your properties can also help draw in prospective tenants.

Download the app from the Apple Store or Google Play.

Collecting rent

Man on a laptop using a credit card to make a payment.

In your quest to reduce paper usage, don’t forget about checks. Collecting rent the old-fashioned way makes it harder to track, requires more work for you to process payments and leaves mountains of paper to shred at the end of each month. You don’t have to keep doing it this way — there’s a service that can make your life easier.

18. RentPay

It’s a service instead of a landlord app, but our RentPay offering is the perfect way to collect rent each month digitally. No more depositing checks and following up with your tenants to get paid on time. RentPay also allows tenants to use Autopay, meaning renters won’t have to remember to manually pay rent each month anymore. Autopay lets tenants schedule automatic payments for the same day each month for as long of a duration as they’d like.

Accessible on a mobile device, computer or tablet, this free service lets you keep a centralized payment history for all your tenants. You can maintain information on multiple properties and even multiple tenants within a single property.

Enrolling in RentPay only requires a few simple steps:

  • Create an account by providing a few basic details that allow RentPay to keep you on top of your account activity.
  • Add your property and renter information to the platform so tenants can receive an invite to participate in RentPay.
  • Link your checking account for immediate deposit of rental payments when they come through.

Once all these steps are complete, collecting rent will be a much easier experience.

Selling a rental property

Even if it’s the last thing on your mind, it might be time to sell your rental property. There’s an app for that too, making it easier to list your property, whether it’s a single unit or an entire building.

19. Redfin

On April 5th, 2021, RentPath was acquired by Redfin, a leading technology-powered real estate brokerage that provides a suite of services to make the process of buying and selling a home faster, better and less expensive. Together, Redfin and RentPath will now be a destination for all North American consumers looking for a place to call home.

Listing your property for sale here is easy and affordable. With only a one percent listing fee, you get the benefit of working with an experienced Redfin agent who understands how to make your home the most attractive one on the block for buyers.

List your property using Redfin’s website, but then keep track of the market in your area with the app.

Download the app from the Apple Store or Google Play.

Get techie with the right landlord apps

Using technology and all the landlord apps out there not only makes it easier for landlords but helps you find the perfect tenants for your rental. Modernize to make sure your property gets seen and your routines get more efficient.

Take the plunge. Start at the top by listing your property where it has high visibility. Begin the easy process of uploading your listings to today.

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