The Best Pets for Rental Home Living

by Rebecca Green | Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Many rentals don't allow pets, but you’re luckier than that and found one that's more laidback. Even if your new place allows pets, which one do you choose? What are the best pets for rental home living? Here are a few of our suggestions.


Cats seem like an obvious choice. They’re especially good if you’re not renting a house with a yard, where finding a place or time to walk a dog can be difficult. Cats tend to stay indoors and can be trained to an extent. It still takes some effort and they can cause some damage, but overall are one of the best pets for rental home living.


Dogs can be all over the place when it comes to if they’re good in a rental. Big dogs obviously take up a lot of space, but also tend to be pretty calm. Small dogs seem better, but can also be ferocious. Make sure to select a good breed for where you’re living and remember that every dog is different. It’ll probably take some time and effort to train your dog well enough, even for the best-behaved ones.

Pocket pets

By this, we mean hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, and the like. They’ll generally stay contained to their cage but are still soft and furry for when you want to pet them. They’re not zero maintenance, but a lot less than a pet you let out around the house all the time.


Similar to pocket pets, a lizard, snake, Komodo dragon or other reptiles will mostly stay in its tank, so they’re a lot less maintenance. Just make sure that they’re allowed in your lease and that you’ll want a reptile rather than a furrier friend.


Sure, you won’t be able to pick up or interact with your fish, but they’re still an option. It can even be relaxing just watching a goldfish swim around in its bowl, helping to relieve stress, which many of us turn to our pets for.

Finding the right pet for your rental home can be trial and error since every pet is different. Still, these are some of the best pets to turn to and a great starting point to look for a new companion.

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