Ways to Get Guests to Remove Their Shoes in Your Home

by Cora Gold | Published: Aug 20, 2020

Once you move into your new rental, it's your responsibility to keep the place clean. Some people are naturally tidier than others, but even if you’re on the messier side, remember this: you could pay for it later. If your landlord discovers a filthy unit during regular inspections or after you move out, you’ll be the one paying for it.

It's a breeze to wipe down the counters or pick up dirty laundry, but it's more challenging to maintain your floors. If yours are in bad shape when it’s time to move out, your landlord will likely use your security deposit to pay and redo them. And let’s be honest — you'd prefer to have this money back in your pocket instead.

You can save time and money by reminding your roommates and visitors to respect your floors. Use these tips to politely ask guests to remove their shoes in your home. You'll enjoy a cleaner living space, and your floors will be much cleaner at the end of your lease.

How do you tell someone to take their shoes off?

You might avoid directly asking your guests to take their shoes off because it feels awkward. Maybe you don't feel close enough to a guest to ask them, or can’t come up with a way to ask without sounding uptight. Use these four ideas to creatively ask visitors to remove their shoes and ultimately preserve your floors.

1. Hang a Take Your Shoes Off sign

A sign creatively asking guests to remove their shoes at a front door.
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Plenty of renters and homeowners hang some sort of Take Your Shoes Off sign by their front door. It's a lighthearted and passive way to remind guests of your household standards without being rude or breaking your budget. There are many different designs and varieties available in stores and online, making it easy to find one that matches your sense of humor and style preference. Consider buying one to place on either side of your front door so guests know what to expect when entering your home.

2. Provide fresh towels

Towels hanging on a rack next to the front door.

The primary issue with wearing footwear inside is that people can track dirt and mud on the carpet. Even if you have a welcome mat, your guests may not think to wipe their shoes off on it at the door. Even if they do wipe their shoes off on it, welcome mats may not get all the mess off the bottom of guests’ shoes.

Instead of risking stains on your carpet, use towels for a welcome mat that clean footwear thoroughly. Guests can use them to wipe off all the mud, leaves and other debris from their shoes at the door. All the towels need is a quick wash to remove stains before your next guest can reuse them.

3. Point out the shoe rack

A white shoe rack with shoes on it leaning against a light blue wall.

Placing a shoe rack by the front door is a clear indicator that you don't allow shoes past that point. Gently reminding guests that they can leave their shoes on it is an excellent way to ask this question without potentially being a rude host or coming across as abrasive.

4. Invest in shoe covers

A man putting shoe covers over his shoes.

When removing shoes isn't possible, like when a moving crew helps carry furniture and boxes into or out of your home, you can invest in shoe covers. After quickly slipping a fresh pair over their dirty footwear, everyone can walk around your home without damaging the carpets.

Is it rude to ask guests to remove their shoes?

When it comes down to it, it's not rude to ask your guests to remove their shoes in your home however you choose to do it. You're in charge of your living space, and every visitor must respect that. Whether you hang a Take Your Shoes Off sign or use another one of our suggestions above, always remember that it's your living space. You have every right to remind guests that you have rules you'd like them to respect.

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