Homes for rent in Oregon

Find Houses for Rent in Oregon

Oregon, along with Washington and British Columbia, Canada, make up the Pacific Northwest. Homes for rent in the state are great for families looking to live in a picturesque region packed full of outdoorsy activities. In addition to its famed wildlife and natural beauty, Oregon has several great cities to live in. Portland, Eugene and Astoria are all unique communities across the state.

Important Information for OR Renters to Know

  • Oregon was settled by the U.S. following Lewis and Clark's expedition to the area where they were looking for a waterway passage from the Pacific to the Mississippi River. The British and U.S. jointly settled the area until the current Canadian border was developed on the 49th parallel. Oregon became the 33rd state in 1859.
  • Although Portland is Oregon's largest and most famous city, Salem, to the south, is the state capital. 
  • Oregon is "The Beaver State." Many may know the animal as the Oregon State University mascot, but beaver pelts were one of the most important commodities in pioneer Oregon. They were then overtrapped and have since been making a comeback through conservation help. 

Top 3 Attractions for Oregon Renters to Enjoy

  • Although Oregon is well-known as an outdoorsy family's heaven with its fishing, biking, kayaking and hiking, the most famous natural spot in the state is likely Crater Lake National Park. The beautiful blue lake is actually atop a dormant volcano. 
  • The Columbia River, one of the biggest assets to Oregon back in its early days, continues to be a breathtakingly beautiful sight that has dozens of industrial uses. The best way for families to enjoy this massive river that ends in the famous town of Astoria is to drive along the Columbia River Highway. This old, single-lane road is a scenic drive that takes people all the way to Multnomah Falls.
  • Regardless of where in the state you're trying to rent, you'll want to visit Portland. Famously eclectic, the city isn't lacking in culture. Families will want to check out the weekend-long Portland Saturday Market for local food, art and other products. 

Fun Facts About Oregon

The largest cheese factory in the world is Oregon's Tillamook Cheese Factory. The state is also home to the largest sea cave, at Florence's Sea Lion Caves. Oregon had the first ever one-way streets and is still the only state other than New Jersey to exclusively have full-service gas stations.