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Get instant access to tenant screening reports with a prospective tenant’s credit and background check, rental eviction-related proceedings and application with our tenant screening service. All are completely free for landlords, property managers and agents.
Screen Instantly
We have one of the fastest screening tools on the market.
Keep it Secure has partnered with RentSpree and TransUnion to deliver credit reports with security controls to keep your data safe.
  • Credit Report & Score
  • Criminal Background Check*
  • Eviction-related Proceedings**
  • Identity Verification
  • Rental Application
  • No Damage to Credit Score
  • Secured Information
  • Mobile-Friendly Application
  • User-Friendly Process
  • Superior Client Support
* Not available for properties in NJ. Background Checks from WY, DE, SD, MA, HI and CO not included in the report.
** Not available for properties in NY.
How Tenant Screening Works
Tenant Screening Offerings
What’s Included?
Complete a tenant credit check with credit reports from, powered by RentSpree & TransUnion. These provide a comprehensive overview of each applicant’s credit history within seconds. You’ll receive both a thorough credit score and report for each applicant. Available to access at any time on any device, our report includes all payment history, collections, tradelines, inquiries and more. It’s easy to understand, breaking down complicated data into easily digestible formats.
We search more than 200 million criminal records to provide a tenant criminal background check for each prospective renter. Records include state and national databases, court records, the Most Wanted Lists and the National Sex Offender Registry. After an applicant authorizes the reports, results are available within seconds. Reports are easy to understand and allow you to make an informed decision.
Our rental eviction-related proceedings include a nationwide tenant eviction history search. Reviewing all 50 states and Washington D.C., you'll receive a fully detailed report including tenant judgments, writs and warrants of eviction and court records. Reports are straightforward and easy to understand.
Every prospective tenant should submit a rental application for any screening process. Applications and tenant screening on powered by RentSpree allow you to collect an online rental application from any prospective tenant. The online application form has all the needed information to properly evaluate candidates: employment & income, residence history, personal information and more. The application is always legible and complete since it’s online. If you’d like to use your own rental application instead, you can — ours is optional.
* Not available for properties in NJ. Background Checks from WY, DE, SD, MA, HI and CO not included in the report.
** Not available for properties in NY.
We Make Leasing Simple
Collect online rental applications and screen tenants in one step.
1. Request Screening Items
Select the reports you’d like to run.
2. Applicants Submit
Applicant can apply to your property. They’ll submit the required information based on the selected reports.
3. View, Print & Share
You’ll receive comprehensive tenant information, helping you make an informed decision.
The average eviction costs $3,500.
Make sure you rent to a reliable renter with our free application & tenant screening solutions.

Tenant Screening Questions & Answers

Landlord FAQs

How much do these services cost?
These services are free for you. Applicants pay $30 to be screened ($20 if in New York) and submit screening reports to you. Applicants can also complete online rental applications at no cost for either party.
What payment methods are accepted?
Applicants can pay using all major credit, debit and prepaid cards.
What kinds of reports can I request from applicants?
You can request a TransUnion credit report & score, criminal background check, 50-state eviction history report and completed rental application. Eviction history reports are not available in New York under applicable law. Learn more about rental applications and credit reports.
How do I know my applicants are being truthful?
Every renter who starts the screening process through RentSpree is required to complete an identity verification process before he or she can submit their reports.
Can I receive completed reports at night and on weekends?
Yes, you can. After applicants submit their reports, you can retrieve them instantly, no matter what day or time they’re submitted.
How do I add tenant screening reports and online applications to my listings?
You can add online applications and screening reports to your listing during the listing creation process. You can also add these to your listing after it’s been created.
How do I notify and invite potential tenants to submit online applications and screening reports?
There are three different options to choose from when notifying interested tenants about completing tenant screening reports.
1) You can add an “Apply Now” button on each of your listings once you enroll your properties in tenant screening. These buttons let applicants apply directly from your listings. Applicants who click these buttons can fill out their information and submit their completed credit report & score, background check, eviction-related proceedings and online application to you.
2) You can send potential tenants an invitation to apply to your listings from the tenant screening section of your account dashboard.
3) A unique screening link is generated and available for each property enrolled in tenant screening. You can copy your unique screening link and share it with applicants via email or SMS texting.
You’ll receive an email for each potential tenant who applies to your listings and can view, print or save all reports.
What is the turnaround time to receive a completed online application and screening reports?
Once an applicant submits their application and reports, all will be available for you to access within seconds. You’ll receive an email for each applicant’s successful submission.
How long do I have access to tenant screening reports?
Reports are available for 30 days after they are first accessed. You can save or print reports at any time before the 30 days pass.
Why should I screen potential tenants on
We make it easy for applicants to apply and submit online screening reports using any internet-enabled device. Once an applicant submits their information, all of their reports and online application are immediately available for your review, allowing you to make an informed decision quickly. You’ll no longer need to pay for online applications and tenant screening as applicants pay a fee directly to RentSpree when they apply.
What is RentSpree?
RentSpree is an online rental application and tenant screening service that helps streamline the entire rental process, providing resident screening services for landlords and renters in all 50 states. has partnered with RentSpree to provide an easy, instant process for applying to listings. View more information at

Renter FAQs

How do I apply for a property?
You can apply by clicking the “Apply Now” button on a listing or by clicking the link you receive in an application invitation from a landlord.
How much do these services cost?
We charge $30 ($20 in New York)* to submit a full screening package.
What payment methods are accepted?
We accept all major credit, debit and prepaid cards. Payment is collected once you’re ready to submit.
The listing I’m interested in applying to isn’t on Can I still apply through
Yes, just let the landlord of the property know you’ll need them to send you a request from the platform. Landlords can contact us at +1 (866) 730-7177 to learn how to do this.
What’s your refund policy?
If a completed report submitted by a renter is not opened by the landlord in 30 days, the amount is refunded to the renter. If you believe you’ve been wrongfully charged, please contact
Will I receive a copy of my reports after I submit them?
Yes, you’ll receive a copy of all submitted reports after the landlord accesses them.
If I apply, will my credit score be damaged?
No, it will not be damaged. All credit checks are done using a soft inquiry, meaning your score won’t be damaged and you won’t receive an inquiry on your report.
How long will it take for a landlord to receive my reports after I apply?
All landlords will receive immediate access to completed reports once they’re submitted. They’re accessible at any time, including nights and weekends.
When will I hear back from a landlord about my application status? and RentSpree are not involved with the decision-making process. Please reach out to the landlord directly for updates.
Can I apply at night and on the weekends?
Yes, you can apply and submit an online application and screening reports at any time.
Why should I apply online?
Applying online through guarantees your completed application and reports will be shared instantly with the landlord of the property, increasing the chance you’ll be selected. As mentioned above, the credit check will not damage your credit score as all credit checks are soft inquiries. Your personal information is secure, meaning nobody will be able to access your social security number. You can also submit your application to additional properties without having to fill out all of your information again.
How long are my reports valid?
All reports are valid for 30 days after the date they are first accessed by landlords.
What if there are incorrect records on any of my reports?
Please call TransUnion to investigate at +1 (866) 775-0961. You may also call RentSpree at +1 (323) 212-6426 for additional clarification or questions.
What should I do if I receive an error while applying?
Most errors have instructions on how to proceed. If you’re still having difficulty after reviewing and following these instructions, email or call +1 (323) 212-6426 for assistance.
What if the property I’m interested in applying to doesn’t have an Apply Now button on the listing?
We recommend reaching out to the landlord of the property and asking him or her to add it to their listing or send you an application invitation for the property. Landlords can contact us at +1 (866) 730-7177 to learn how to do this.
Is my information secure?
Yes. and RentSpree don’t store your social security number or make it available for landlords to access. All sensitive information is encrypted.
Do I need to have a social security number to apply and submit tenant screening reports?
No. You can submit an application and screening reports to a landlord using an ITIN instead of a social security number. If the landlord of the property you’re interested in only requested a rental application, you don’t need to submit either number.

*The content and pricing of screening reports are subject to the requirements of applicable New York state law.
What is RentSpree?
RentSpree is an online rental application and tenant screening service that helps streamline the entire rental process, providing resident screening services for renters and landlords in all 50 states. has partnered with RentSpree to provide an easy, instant process for applying to listings. View more information at
How can I contact RentSpree?
You can reach RentSpree by emailing or calling +1 (323) 212-6426. The company’s hours are 10:00 am - 8:00 pm EST Monday through Friday.
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