Tenant Screening Reports

Free, Comprehensive Tenant Screening Reports
Designed for Landlords, Property Managers and Agents
Get the full picture with a prospective tenant’s credit check & score, criminal background check and rental eviction-related proceedings with our tenant screening service.

All About Our Instant Tenant Screening Reports
Rentals.com has partnered with RentSpree and trusted credit bureau Transunion to provide you the following tenant screening reports:
Credit Report & Score
Review how an applicant treats both creditors and their own finances. Our TransUnion SmartMove report uses a soft credit inquiry that has no effect on an applicant’s score. Easily review all payment history, tradelines, collections, inquiries and more. Scores always remain confidential and are only available to you and the applicant.
Criminal Background Check
It’s essential to use a background check when screening prospective tenants. We search through more than 200 million criminal records to provide a comprehensive tenant criminal background check. Records include state and national databases, the Most Wanted Lists, the National Sex Offender Registry and court records.
* Not available for properties in NJ. Background Checks from WY, DE, SD, MA, HI and CO not included in the report.
Nationwide Eviction-related Proceedings
A nationwide tenant eviction history search is included within our rental eviction-related proceedings. We utilize one of the largest eviction databases covering all 50 states and Washington D.C. Our detailed report includes writs and warrants of eviction, court records and tenant judgments and is easy to understand.
** Not available for properties in NY.

Screening Report Benefits
Receive all the necessary applicant information to help you intelligently select a qualified tenant.
Simple to Share
Share your unique screening link with applicants through text, email, etc.
Safe Screening
We securely and safely collect social security numbers and other sensitive information, taking the burden off of you.
Review from Anywhere 24/7
Review comprehensive reports and applications from mobile, desktop or tablet. You can access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 30 days after the first time you open the reports.

How to Get Renters to Submit Tenant Screening Reports
Invite interested renters to submit reports and apply online
Email or text your unique property screening link to prospective tenants. If you’ve also requested applicants fill out an online application, they’ll be able to complete this here.
Review authorized tenant screening reports
After clicking the link and submitting an online application (if you’ve elected to have one for your listing), applicants are prompted to authorize that screening reports be pulled and shared with you.
View and save
Once the reports are submitted to you, you’ll receive an email giving you instant access to each one. You’ll then be able to make an informed decision quickly.
Do you want to see what our tenant screening reports look like?
View sample reports here.