Homes for rent in Montana

Explore Houses for Rent in Montana

Montana, situated in the northwestern part of the U.S., contains a number of protected green spaces and several small cities. For instance, Billings, Missoula and Great Falls are among the largest urban locations in the state, followed by Butte and Bozeman. Montana borders two Canadian provinces, Saskatchewan and Alberta, as well as the American states of Idaho, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming. Thanks to the region's plethora of natural wonders, homes for rent in Montana can appeal to renters that enjoy spending time outdoors or taking in scenic vistas.

Intriguing Tidbits for MT Renters to Discover

  • Homestead farmers came to Montana by the thousands after the passage of the 1909 Enlarged Homestead Act. Prior to the 20th century, cattle ranches multiplied within the state during the 1860s.
  • Before the Great Depression hit the rest of the U.S., Montana suffered a decline in agriculture after World War I due to a decline in market prices and a long drought.
  • Montana was first glimpsed by Western pioneers during Lewis and Clark's 1804 to 1806 journey into uncharted American territory.
  • Montana was established as a territory after an influx of prospectors in the 1860s. During that time gold-mining towns sprang up and quickly disappeared when the areas' mineral resources were exhausted.

Top 3 Destinations to Visit in Montana

  • Renters looking to navigate some of the rivers and paths taken by Lewis and Clark during their famous expedition can check out Lewis & Clark Trail Adventures. The organization provides guided tours of the Lolo Trail for intrepid explorers to travel on foot and canoeing services for those that want to take to the waters of the White Cliffs of the Missouri River.
  • Dinosaur and archaeology enthusiasts may want to stop by the Museum of Rockies, located in Bozeman. The institution is home to an impressive and reputable selection of fossils extracted from the landscape of Montana in addition to cultural artifacts from the region and surrounding areas.
  • At Glacier National Park, adventurous types can roam more than 700 miles of trails through alpine meadows, stony mountains and unspoiled forests. Visitors can also go camping, boating, horseback riding, boating, fishing and cross-country skiing.

Fun Facts For Renters to Learn About Montana

The western meadowlark is the state bird of Montana, whose existence was first documented by Meriwether Lewis of the famous duo. The official tree of Montana is the ponderosa pine, a conifer that can frequently be found on mountain foothills and parched slopes.