Homes for rent in Pennsylvania

Discover Houses for Rent in Pennsylvania

Whether you want to live in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh or anywhere in between, there's a large variety of places to live in this great state. Because of its size, homes for rent in Pennsylvania range from being in urban historical areas to rural farming towns. The state is diverse not only in geography, but in culture, religion and industry.

Important Information for PA Renters to Know

  • Pennsylvania is technically not a state, but a commonwealth. Virginia, Massachusetts and Kentucky are also commonwealths. Although a commonwealth functions nearly identically to a state, it's based on the idea of the rule of every citizen and popular well-being. 
  • Pennsylvania, an early colony in the U.S., played a major role during the Revolutionary War. The Declaration of Independence was written in Philadelphia in 1776, as was the Constitution in 1787. The city was essentially the federal capital until 1800. During the war, the area is where George Washington famously crossed the Delaware River, which is reenacted each Christmas. 
  • The first baseball stadium was built in 1909 for the Pittsburgh Pirates. With its two large cities, Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania, as well as dozens of universities and colleges, the state has strong athletics and passionate fans. 

Top 3 Attractions for Pennsylvania Renters to Enjoy

  • Pennsylvania has played a major role in U.S. history. Whether you're looking to visit somewhere you've read about dozens of times or trying to teach the kids about American history, there are a variety of great historic spots to visit. Families can check out Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell as well as Gettysburg in the center of the state to learn more about history. 
  • Another popular attraction to Pennsylvania that may get more excitement from the kids than the Liberty Bell is Hershey Park. The theme park celebrates the venerable sweets made by this local candy giant. 
  • Art lovers will have plenty to explore throughout Pennsylvania. The Philadelphia Museum of Art offers residents a chance to check out traditional and modern art, while Frank Lloyd Wright's famous Fallingwater is also in the state for architectural buffs.

Fun Facts About Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh's KDKA radio station was the first in the world to commercially broadcast a program in 1920. On the other side of the state, Philadelphia was home to the nation's first public zoo. Although well-known for the horses and buggies of its Amish residents, the state's Pennsylvania Turnpike was the first and the basis for modern interstates and superhighways in the U.S.