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Discover Houses for Rent in El Paso, TX

El Paso is a famous Texas city that neighbors Horizon City. Homes for rent will place a renter close to both Mexico and the New Mexico border. Amenities and fun places to go in El Paso include El Paso Tennis and Swim Club, Tom Lea Park, Rafas Burritos, Cafe Central and the Abraham Chavez Theatre.

Interesting Facts About El Paso

  • The city owes its name to Spanish explorers who saw the area of modem El Paso when approaching the Rio Grande. They named the area "El Paso del Norte," which translates to "The Pass of the North," reflecting El Paso's location between two mountains in the desert. 
  • Native American tribes also inhabited the area during its early history. One of these tribes was known as the Pueblo.
  • Spanish and Native American inhabitance led to ethnic commingling, reflected in the mestizo population during the early days of the area.
  • El Paso was part of Mexico during the 1800s, and is still referred to as a border town today.
  • The Mexican Revolution spurred population growth in El Paso.
  • The city grew to be a significant commercial city in the 1900s, gaining a reputation as a frontier town. Refineries were installed in the city, while later industries included textiles, tourism and food processing.

Resources for Renters

  • The El Paso County Historical Society has a website that will be useful for new renters eager to learn about the city and county. It has pages regarding membership, publications, photos and lists of the society's board members, and a page that will guide a resident on ways to help the society.
  • The city's website offers the latest news and press releases. It also has financial reports, the city council agenda, traffic information and a page on paying property taxes. New renters can visit the "Residents" page to find information on services the city provides, such as education and transportation.