5 Easy Property Staging Tips

by Rahul Agrawal | Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Property staging isn’t new. For years, landlords and property managers have been staging their rentals to get them leased faster. The effort is certainly worth it if you’re doing it right.

Here are some property staging tips to implement for your next vacancy. These tips apply to both photos and videos within a listing, as well as property staging for virtual and in-person tours.

Make Rooms Look Larger

Living room with a large lamp, furniture and a rug.

Many renters prefer spacious properties. If you decide to show your property without any furniture in the rooms, they’re bound to look smaller, making the overall property appear smaller as well.

Putting thought into furniture staging is key. The type of furniture can make or break your space, but the quantity is also a major differentiator. If you have too many pieces in a room, it may look smaller and cramped. To avoid this, here are a few things you can do:

  • Display a large-scale art piece
  • Use lamps to evenly spread light to create an illusion of a larger space
  • Use rugs to define spaces inside rooms
  • Add floor to ceiling curtains
  • Do not overdo décor with accent pieces
  • Add furniture with exposed legs

Add Mirrors

Multiple circular mirrors on the wall with a vase of flowers in front.

Mirrors work wonders to create the illusion of a bigger space by increasing the depth of a room. Moreover, mirrors beautifully reflect natural and artificial lights to make a room look spacious. To make the best use of mirrors, here are a few tips:

  • Group mirrors together to create an accent wall
  • Use long skinny mirrors and turn them to their side to make the walls look longer 
  • Place a mirror next to a table to allow for softer lighting 
  • Add one or two floor-length mirrors 
  • Layer mirrors for an open-feeling space

Add Colors

A bedroom with white walls and orange pillows.

Colors play a major role in home staging. Consider making a visual impact by adding a pop of color to a room. You don’t need to go overboard with many colors in a room — subtle details will do the job.

Add a couple of colorful statement furniture and décor pieces such as armchairs, bookshelves, cushions, curtains, etc to a room. To create a dramatic effect, you can group books together based on their colors or create accent walls. You will be amazed at how a little color can bring a room to life.

Add Greens

A living room with small plants on white shelves.

Plants increase the aesthetic appeal of an indoor space. Additionally, adding plants to a room will give it a more natural and peaceful appearance.

If a room is compact, you can add a couple of table plants to give it a touch of green. You can place a big accent plant in a larger room.

Increase Light

Living room with lots of light are necessary for great property staging.

If the lighting is not adequate in a room, it can end up looking dull and uninteresting. Make sure to add sufficient lighting with lamps and, when appropriate, a chandelier. In general: the more light you have in a room, the better it will look.

We hope these property staging ideas will help you display your property as best as possible. If you’re not sure about traditional home staging because of the high cost or hassle, consider virtual home staging. This allows you to virtually add furniture and décor pieces to rooms and get photos ready for your property’s listing.

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