Cheap and Easy Ways to Relax at Home

by Steffi Cook | Updated: Jun 14, 2019
It’s your home, and you should feel great in it. When you need to take some time to relax, here are some quick hitters for reducing stress and reaching maximum comfort.

Don’t bring work home

Most of your stress probably comes from work, so try to leave that behind. Leave your work stuff where you can’t easily reach it, or if you work from home, put up some mental walls (or leave things in your home office) so you don’t fall into working while you’re trying to relax. The more distance you can put between yourself and your work, the more you’ll be able to follow these other tips.

Take a nap

You might feel bad about taking a nap, but it might be just what you need. Lay down on your bed or couch and just let yourself drift away. Even if you don’t fully fall asleep, it may still help you feel more refreshed.

Read a book

How often do you sit down just to read a book for pleasure? We're talking no distractions and no phone beeping at you all the time — just you and whatever you’re reading. Sit down and pull out a book (or your Kindle), set your phone to “Do Not Disturb” and get lost in the story.

Work out

Sure, you’re going to feel like a bit of a sweaty mess and may not feel like you’re relaxing, but working out will help you feel a lot better later on. After you sweat it out, take a bath.

Take a bath

No, not a shower. Start the water, throw in a few scents or even some bubble bath and spend a while just sitting in the tub. Not only will you be cleaner, but you’ll also be more relaxed, too.

Indulge (in food)

Don’t go overboard, but is there something you like that you don’t normally get to eat? You can order delivery or takeout to indulge in that small pleasure. If you enjoy cooking, you can get a double relaxing benefit from making and then eating one of your favorite foods.

Watch a movie

Whether it’s something new or a movie you’ve seen more than a dozen times, putting on something to watch can help to distract and relax you. Really watch the movie, though — if you’re constantly doing something on your phone or computer, the experience won't be as relaxing.

Put on calming music

We’re not going to tell you what’s calming. Some people love classical music, while others love heavy metal. Whatever helps you feel calmer and more relaxed, put it on, close your eyes and just go along for the ride.

Meditate or do yoga

If you regularly meditate or do yoga, you already know how much it can help you, so do it. If you don’t do either, give one or both a try. Yoga also doubles as a workout.

If you have a yard or balcony, use it. Fresh air and a change of scenery can make a big difference in how relaxed you feel. There’s nothing quite like a warm summer evening to help you calm down.

Write in a journal

Are you having trouble relaxing because your thoughts are racing and you can’t seem to calm your mind down? Write down your thoughts, including all the things that happened recently and what's been bothering. Get them all down on paper, and they’ll have less space in your mind to drive you crazy.

Clean part of the house that’s bugging you

Is this really relaxing? Maybe not, but it can make a huge difference anyway. If part of your home is messy and bothering you, cleaning it up will help you feel a lot more relaxed afterward. Follow this up with any of the tips listed above for maximum effect.

Being at home is the cheapest way to sit back and relax, and it’s not nearly as hard as you’d think. Do you have any more tips for relaxing at home? Let us know in the comments!

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