17 Easy Packing Tips for a Successful Moving Day

by Erica Sweeney | Published: Feb 11, 2022

Moving into a new home is an exciting adventure — but, it can also be incredibly hectic. There's so much to organize and pack that it's easy to get overwhelmed. To keep that from happening, we've compiled a list of packing tips for moving.

If you're planning a move sometime soon, embracing a few moving hacks can help everything go smoothly.

1. Start as early as you can

Chances are your move isn't a surprise. You probably had to notify your landlord that you're moving out of your rental about a month before the lease ends. So, it's a good idea to start organizing your stuff and packing as soon as you can. Waiting until the night before the moving trucks arrive will create tons of unnecessary stress.

2. Declutter as you go

One of the most crucial moving day tips is to avoid bringing unwanted items with you. Right before a move is the perfect time to clean out your closets, cabinets and drawers. Throw away or recycle any trash or broken items that you have lying around. Doing this lets you start with a clean slate in your new home.

3. Make a donation pile

Adding to a donation pile for moving

As you declutter, pull out any items that you don't have use for anymore — that dress you haven't worn in a year, books you didn't love and toys your kids have outgrown. Collect these items that are still in good shape and donate them to a local charity organization, such as a homeless shelter.

4. Pack things you don't use as much first

If you start early and pack a little bit as you go, begin with the things you use less frequently first. Holiday decorations, clothing that's out of season and extra dishes are some examples. As it gets closer to moving day, pack things that are in your daily rotation.

5. Use recycled boxes

Reusing boxes cuts down on waste and saves you the cost of purchasing new packing supplies. Save up all those boxes from your Amazon orders and ask your family and friends to do the same. Another moving hack is to swing by local grocery and liquor stores and ask if you can have their excess boxes — usually, they'll give them to you for free.

6. Choose the correct size box

Using appropriately-sized boxes for different items will make packing and unpacking much more streamlined. Pack books and other heavy items in smaller boxes — otherwise, they'll be too heavy to lift. Use large boxes to store light items like towels, pillows and linens.

7. Pack a bag of essentials and valuables

To keep from hunting for the stuff you need, pack a bag of essential items to get through a few days. A few outfits, bathroom items, medication, valuables, dishes and pots and pans are things you'll likely need for the first couple of days in your new home.

8. Keep your clothes on hangers

Hanging rack of clothes

To save time when packing, leave your clothes on hangers. You can carry groups of clothes and hang them right in your new closet. Or, hang them in a wardrobe box or cover them with a trash bag for a longer-distance move.

9. Avoid emptying drawers

Another moving hack is to keep the contents in dresser and armoire drawers. You can remove the drawers and wrap them in plastic to keep everything from spilling out. This will make moving large furniture items much easier and save you the time of packing and unpacking a drawer's contents.

10. Pack dishes carefully

A packing tip for moving is to be careful with your dishes.

Take extra care when packing dishes and other breakables. Wrap each dish in packing paper and wrap groups of about five dishes together with the paper. Pack plates and other dishes on their sides, rather than flat to keep them from breaking. Pack wrapped cups and bowls inside each other.

11. Use towels and blankets to wrap breakables

A moving hack to cut down on waste and streamline packing is to use towels and linens to wrap breakable items. This tactic will help you avoid purchasing bubble wrap and other materials, which will end up in the trash. And, you need to pack your blankets and sheets anyway.

12. Fill pots and pans with small kitchen items

Large pots and pans make great packing containers. Fill them with small kitchen items like utensils or spice jars. You can tape the lids closed or use plastic wrap to keep everything secure.

13. Load up your suitcases

Suitcases are useful packing containers, too. Load them up with clothes, books and other household items and wheel them into your new home.

14. Photograph electronic setups

another packing tip for moving is to photograph your cords

An essential packing tip for moving is to take a picture of the back of your TV with all the cords hooked up to it before you move it. Doing this will help you get everything set up quickly in the new space so you can go right back to streaming your favorite shows.

15. Wrap spillable items in plastic

Cleaning supplies, toiletries and pantry staples might spill in transit. Wrapping the containers in plastic will prevent this from happening.

16. Don't mix items from different rooms

Keep your packing organized and fill boxes with items from a specific room to make unpacking your new home a lot easier. Try to avoid mixing things from different rooms in the same box.

17. Label boxes on each side

Label boxes on each side

Label each box on each of its sides with the room's name where the contents go. When you unload boxes, you'll know right where to take them. And, be sure to tape each box well so your belongings stay secure.

Make moving easier on yourself

Packing is often one of the most dreaded parts of moving, but you can make it easier. Starting early and organizing your things will make it all much more streamlined. These packing tips for moving will help.

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