Halloween Decoration Ideas for Your Rental Home

by Morgen Henderson | Updated: Oct 6, 2023

The Halloween season is upon us and it's time to start decorating! Your décor will set the tone for the season and help you enjoy this spooky holiday a little bit more. There are plenty of ways to decorate, no matter your usual style! Here are some bone-chilling Halloween decoration ideas to get your home ready for the fall festivities.


The front of your home gives everyone a first impression — it's what everyone sees before they ever walk through the front door. Leave a frightening first impression so everyone knows how much you love the holiday!

Skulls and jack-o'-lanterns

Front porch decorated with skulls and jack o lanterns

Skulls and jack-o'-lanterns are classic symbols of Halloween, so including them in your Halloween décor is a must! Plus, having lights in them makes your porch look extra spooky. You don't need to worry about catching anything on fire when adding lights to your porch —you can use battery-operated tea lights to give your porch the extra glow.

Skeleton friends

skeleton in a chair

Not all skeletons need to be scary enemies. Place a few friendly skeletons in rocking chairs on your porch. You can also add a few extra pieces to give it more flare — colored pumpkins, bats and spiderwebs always do the trick!

Floating witch hats

floating witch hats

A few witches' hats, some fishing line and clear command hooks can work wonders for your porch. Attach the clear command hooks to your porch covering, then tie fishing line between each hook and a witch hat. These will sway in the breeze, giving lots of life to your front porch...and maybe giving your guests a little bit of a fright when they come to visit!

Wooden tombstones

tombstones in the front yard

Wooden signs come in all shapes and sizes, including tombstones. Set up a few spooky wooden headstones on your porch, then add some pumpkins and lanterns for variety. If you can't find any wooden headstones you like, you can try making them yourself! Just grab some wood and paint to customize your tombstones.

Giant spiders

make your own giant spiders

If you didn't have arachnaphobia before, you just might after seeing these massive spiders! Get a few large foam spiders and pin them up outdoors (fishing line and wire usually do the trick). You can either purchase spiders or make your own using foam spheres for the body (you'll cut them in half) and heavy wire and foam tubes for the legs.

Living room

Your living room is where you typically spend a lot of time — so why not make it a room that invites the Halloween spirit?

Cover the coffee table

coffee table with jack o lanterns wearing witch hats, and candles

Ditch the magazines and everyday coasters on your coffee table and replace them with spiders, skulls and candlesticks! It's still a useable place for you to set your drinks and snacks, but it looks more festive and can done using a variety of colors and pieces, it all depends on what you want to include.

skull picture in frame

Add a few new "family" photos to your living room and show off your ghostly relatives! Print off your favorite frightful photos and use removable mounting putty to temporarily hang them on your wall for the fall Halloween season.

Pour yourself a haunted cocktail

spooky cocktails in martini glasses with ghost charms

Ramp up your bar cart and serve your guests a cocktail like they've never seen before. Place fake eyeballs in a jar, add a few small skulls and make fake labels for your drink ingredients. Guests can try a frog juice margarita or a vampire blood martini. Or, if you'd rather leave out the alcohol, you can use bowls of seasonal candy.

Weave a spooky web

spooky fireplace

Drape some artificial spiderwebs over bookshelves and mantles and hang a few spiders using command hooks. You can use a variety of spider shapes, sizes and colors to get the spine-chilling look you want.

Beware of bats

paper bats on wall

Make 3-D bats by cutting a bat shape out of construction paper, then making a few folds in the center and on the wings. Tack them to the wall using a little bit of mounting putty and make your bats fly around the room! For a little extra pizazz, you can glue some glitter to them.

Haunted hallway display

halloween hallway with carved pumpkins and candy bowl

A whole combination of whatever Halloween-related décor pieces you might have lying around, a haunted hallway display is easy to create. A few skulls, old spell books, candles, cobwebs — adding all of these things together gives your hallway an eclectic antique vibe with a spooky touch!

Kitchen and dining

Your kitchen and dining space needs to be functional, first and foremost. But that doesn't mean they need to look boring during Halloween — you can still invite a few ghosts over for dinner!

Bone-filled centerpiece

Halloween cake centerpiece

Place some old books, bones and candles through the center of your table and cover them with fake cobwebs. It's easy and simple, but makes your dining room feel just like that of an old witch!

Gold and glitter tablescape

gold and glitter tablescape

Add a little bit of glam to your table by spray-painting pumpkins gold and adding glitter to a few small branches for the centerpiece. You can also modify this design by adding gold and glitter to other decorative pieces, like skulls, spiders and witch hats. Simply revamp them with gold spray paint or glue on some glitter!

Ghoulish dinner guests

skeletons at dinner table

Invite a few ghoulish guests over for dinner! Set up full-sized skeletons at your kitchen table and dress them up in fun and fancy dinner attire — hats, ties and whatever else you want to put on them.

Eerie vintage tablescape

vintage halloween tablescape

A simple way to dress up your table is spray-painting old wine bottles black and dripping candle wax down them. You can put them down the center of your table, add a few skulls and bones, and you're set! You can also turn the wine bottles into actual candlesticks and put candles in the top.

Garlands, feathers and cauldrons

kitchen halloween decorations

For the kitchen, adding things like garlands is an easy way to dress it up for Halloween. Hanging or placing décor higher up helps to keep your counters clear of decorative figures that could get in the way of your kitchen's functionality. You can also add a cauldron to the stove!

Rustic skulls and candles

skulls and candles

If you're after more of a rustic theme, you can simply add a few skulls, candles and a garland down the center of the table. It's simple and classy, yet spooky enough for the season.

Things to remember before decorating your rental home

Before you decorate your rental home, there are a few things you should think about beforehand:

  • Check for any restrictions in your lease agreement
  • Ask your landlord for permission if something isn't clear in your contract or if you're unsure of whether or not it's allowed
  • Use methods for hanging things that don't leave holes or damage (command hooks, mounting putty, etc.)
  • See if your neighborhood has rules for outdoor décor

Really, you just want to avoid upsetting your landlord or breaking any neighborhood rules. Final advice: if you're unsure of anything, just ask!

Make your home Halloween-ready

Now that you've got a few Halloween decoration ideas, it's time to get started. You can go as big or as small as you want. No matter what you do, your décor should reflect you and how you feel about Halloween!

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