How to Hide a Key: 6 Ways to Consider

by Steffi Cook | Updated: Mar 25, 2021

If you haven't locked yourself out of your home before, you're lucky. For most of us, losing our key has happened more than once. Even if you’re not worried about being locked out, you may want a spare key available on your property for a drop-off, a neighbor who walks the dog or for a friend to access your home if you're not there.

Discover how to create your own place to hide a key that's both discrete and secure with the following ideas.

Solar hide a key

Display of solar light hide a key device in a flower pot with plants.
Photo credit: Etsy

Does your property have solar lights? Consider adding an extra with this secret key holder designed to look like a common stake light for under $15. The spare key hangs from the solar top, which screws off to safely stash your key in the light fixture part of the device. The solar light can be placed just about anywhere outside, such as your yard or a flower pot on your patio.

Find solar key hides on Etsy.

Sprinkler key hider

Display of sprinkler key hider located next to cement walkway.
Photo credit: Zoro

A common landscaping feature is an in-ground sprinkler head. This black irrigation device is commonly overlooked when people walk along a property, making it an ideal location for a spare key. The key fits inside the black plastic faux sprinkler and then is staked into the ground. 

Find sprinkler key hiders on Zoro.

Lock your key in your car hitch

Display of product Hitch Safe focusing on the number combination lock component.
Photo credit: Amazon

Are you the type of person who always wants to know where your spare key is? Take it with you wherever you go by using a lockable faux car hitch. This key vault keeps your key and other valuables safe with its aluminum construction and four dial number lock. It’s simple to install and difficult for potential thieves to access. 

Find a hitch safe key vault on Amazon.

Hide inside a thermometer

Thermometer key hider product display hidden key.
Photo credit: Staples

Another great hide a key spot is inside a weather thermometer outside your home. Thermometers are a common outdoor feature, especially in midwestern and eastern climates where changes in temperature can bring more severe weather conditions. This thermometer pulls open and can fit two keys to hang on hooks while accurately telling the temperature. 

Find a hide a key thermometer at Staples.

Lock the door and throw away the key

If you’re not comfortable hiding a key outside, there are alternative ways to accomplish the same goal a spare key would. With modern technology, you now have the option to stop using a key entirely.

Keyless entry

Linnea keyless lock product.
Photo credit: Build

Number padlocks can be installed on almost any door and are pretty affordable. Using a number pad allows users to set a single code for access. Some higher-end models allow multiple codes for multiple users. With no key to use, there's no key to lose. It's best to use a simple code that you'll remember, but we recommend not using the last four digits of your phone or social security number. 

Find keyless entry at 

Smart locks

Photo credit: August

Another form of keyless entry is the smart lock. Smart locks allow landlords to track all the entrances into their home. Additionally, smart locks use the power of the internet to connect to your mobile device, allowing users to view who is at their door and unlock it remotely. Many believe this will be the key of the future for properties in the commercial, residential and rental markets.

Find smart locks from makers like August, Kwikset, Schlage and Yale.

Where should you not hide a spare key?

Man placing a key under doormat.

Everyone who has watched a TV sitcom knows to look under the doormat or in the fake rock near the door for a spare key. While these methods may work on TV, they are far from secure in real life.

Some people choose to hide a key in their wallet as well. However, we recommend against doing this. If you lose your wallet, not only have you given a potential thief your key, you’ve also given them your address and other personal information. 

The choice is yours

There are many reasons why you may need to hide a key. Trying any of these modern and innovative ideas above is a great way to ensure you and others you trust have access to your home safely and discreetly.

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