How to Overcome Parking Issues at Your Rental Home

by Steffi Cook | Updated: Dec 20, 2019

If you live in any remotely urban area, parking issues are likely to come up. Space is limited, so where you can put your car is also going to be quite limited. Where there are space constraints, parking issues are soon to follow. How best do you resolve these issues? What can you do to prevent or deal with not having a spot, someone taking your parking spot, or the many other issues that pop up? Read on to find out more.

Know the streets

Though it’s not the best arrangement, street parking works especially in a pinch. If you find that your spot has been taken by someone, parking on the street is a good temporary solution.

See if there’s a way to resolve things in the lease

If this becomes a chronic problem, check what’s written in your lease for dealing with issues like this. Conflicts between neighbors are a pretty common issue, and if you both live in the same complex, then your lease should cover some method of conflict resolution. You want to have a civilized conversation about the issue first, but it’s good to know you have a fallback position if things get more complex.

Dealing with guests and parking

A common source of this problem is having guests over since there are usually barely enough parking spots that come with any given building, so guests can easily put it over capacity. If this is the issue, try to find a reasonable place for everyone to park. Are there provisions for it in the lease? Is there somewhere else nearby they can park? This can keep other issues from building up too much.

Don’t encroach on others or escalate

If your usual parking spot is taken, don’t get too creative. Find another spot if you can, but don’t look at every spare bit of land as somewhere you can put your car. All you’ll be doing is causing more parking problems. Even if someone else caused your problem, taking it out on them will only make things worse, so be the bigger person and find a more diplomatic solution.

Do you really need a car?

As always, there’s a way to metaphorically cut the knot and avoid the problem entirely. It depends on where you live and your personal circumstances, but if you can manage to get by without a car, you can avoid all of these parking issues entirely.

Parking is a pain, especially in more densely populated areas. There are ways to deal with the problem, just make sure that everyone keeps their head and doesn’t cause things to get worse. A peaceful solution everyone can agree with is always the best route to go.

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