Who to Notify of a Change of Address

by Zac Kandell | Updated: Dec 20, 2019

When you're moving, it's easy to focus entirely on your part of the process — and we don't blame you for it. You have to take everything you own and move it to a new location, so you have a lot on your plate. Just remember that you need to let some people know about this. So, who do you notify of a change of address? Here's a list.

The post office

The post office is the first place you should notify of a change of address for a very good reason: they handle your mail. If you get mixed up and don't change your address for somewhere else right away, the post office can reroute your mail for you so you don't miss it. You can do this by going to their website and filling out a form.

Utility companies

You can't get away with not doing this one. You're billed on your utility usage based on your address, so changing your address is required to turn on the utility and to make sure you don't get billed for usage by the person who moves into your old apartment.

Friends and family

Your friends and family need to be able to find you, send you things in the mail or just know where you live. Don't forget them in the mess of bureaucracy that changing your address can be.

Banks, loans, and credit cards

Do they mail any billing information to you? If they do, it's obvious why you'll want to inform them that you're moving. Even if they don't, you should still change your address - it's better to be safe than sorry.

Any subscriptions

If you want, you can pay for the person who moves into your old place getting a year's worth of Entertainment Weekly (this example may be taken from personal experience), but you probably want that magazine or whatever else you're subscribed to for yourself.

The IRS and state tax agency

Want to avoid a lot of really difficult paperwork or confusion about an already incredibly stressful process? Change your address with the IRS and your state's tax agency as soon as you move to avoid any possible issues coming down the line.

Insurance companies

This is obviously needed for Renters Insurance and you may have already taken care of it to get the keys to your new place, but don't forget medical, dental, auto or any other insurance you have.

Your employer

Even if they never mail you anything, they need your address for their records. Often this can be done with just changing an entry in ADP or similar administration software, but if you're not sure, a quick talk with your manager can clear things up.

Online shopping sites

This should be an obvious one: Two-day delivery doesn't do much for you when it's being sent to the wrong place.

Doctor/veterinarian/other professionals

If you still live close enough to go to the same doctor/other professional, you'll want to change your address with them. If you don't, then still let them know you're moving and get recommendations for where to go in your new location.

Think of anything we missed? Anyone else you should notify of a change of address? Let us know in the comments!

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