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Discover Houses for Rent in Grand Rapids, MI

Located about 25 miles east of Lake Michigan and straddling the Grand River, Grand Rapids, MI, is a place like no other. It's the second-largest city in Michigan and most well-known as the hub of the furniture manufacturing industry. In fact, its nickname is "Furniture City." Come see what homes for rent in this charming Midwestern town have to offer for your family.

Historical Attractions Near Grand Rapids Rentals

Grand Rapids, MI was first settled more than 200 years ago. Early in its history, Grand Rapids earned the nickname "Furniture City" as the area was once a gigantic lumber center. A number of famous people have hailed from Grand Rapids, most notably former President Gerald Ford and his wife, Betty Ford. Both are buried on the grounds next to the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum, located in Grand Rapids.

Modern-Day Grand Rapids

Over time, the area has had the luxury of time to grow and develop into the eclectic and exciting cultural mix that renters thoroughly enjoy today. While the city is still considered among the top producers of office furniture, Grand Rapids has carved out a name for itself in the following industries: healthcare, automotive, consumer goods and manufacturing. The gradual expansion of the area's economy over time has produced a number of promising job opportunities to people who are considering renting a home in the Grand Rapids area.

Find Homes for Rent in Grand Rapids, MI

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