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Find Houses for Rent in Indiana

Indiana lies right on the southern tip of Lake Michigan, among the states of Ohio, Michigan, Illinois and Kentucky.  Right at the heart of Indiana is the state capital, Indianapolis. In addition to being the home of Indiana's government, it is also an urban center filled with metropolitan amenities. Fort Wayne, South Bend, Terra Haute and Evansville are other notable cities that may attract renters seeking homes for rent in Indiana. Indianapolis hosts a diverse array of attractions from museums to stadiums, while smaller locales in Indiana may appeal to renters looking to settle away from the bustle of city life.

Intriguing Information for IN Renters to Know About

  • Indiana has 1.1 million acres of land available for recreational purposes, with the Department of Natural Resources running nature preserves, wildlife areas, forests and parks.
  • A selection of institutions of higher education are located in Indiana, such as Indiana State University, Vincennes University and Ball State University.
  • Indiana's government, like its federal counterpart, consists of three major branches: the legislative, judicial and executive. Local circuit courts, the Court of Appeals, and the Indiana Supreme Court make up the judicial side of the state legislature.

Top 3 Indiana Destinations for Renters to Enjoy

  • A variety of outdoor activities are available for adventurers interested in exploring the natural landscape of Indiana at Indiana Dunes State Park. The park spans more than 2,000 acres and allows visitors to go swimming, hiking, birding, cross-country skiing, picnicking and fishing.
  • At the Indiana Museum of Art, lovers of creativity can experience 5,000 years worth of art in more than 54,000 works. The museum's collection includes ancient Mediterranean art, Native American art, Asian art, contemporary art and much more, not to mention the rotating selection of exhibitions that change on a regular basis.
  • Renters can spend a day with the kids at Holiday World & Splashin' Safari in the town of Santa Claus. The destination is actually two parks rolled into one, offering rides ranging from roller coasters to water slides.

Amusing Factoids for Renters to Learn

More than 500,000 letters to Old Saint Nick come through Santa Claus per year. Indiana is nicknamed "The Mother of Vice Presidents," thanks to its contribution of five different vice presidents, including Thomas Marshall, Schuyler Colfax and Charles W. Fairbanks. Liquor stores in Indiana are prohibited from vending water and cold soft drinks.