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Discover Houses for Rent in Anthony, TX

Anthony is located in El Paso County, near the Mexican border. Anthony has a distinct Texan flavor of life, while nearby urban areas such as El Paso provide stellar nightlife and amenities. Families and residents tracking down homes for rent will find a small community with a civic-minded ethic. Residents can consider spending time at many spots in the town and surrounding area, such as Red Rooster Cafe, Triangle Park, Ernie Rascon Memorial Park, Henry Miramontez Memorial Park, Pilot Travel Center and many more.

Interesting Facts About Anthony

  • Anthony is purportedly named after the chapel of St. Anthony of Padua, which was constructed by a Mexican-American woman, reflecting the Roman Catholic influence on Texas. This took place in the 1800s.
  • The community gained a reputation as a place where travelers stopped for supplies. It also served as a stop for trains in the region.
  • Like many communities and cities in Texas, Anthony has been known by other names in its history, such as La Tuna.
  • Anthony was incorporated in 1952.

Resources for Renters

  • Anthony's website demonstrates the city's community-centered character. For example, there's a page called "Stories" that displays the latest in local news, allowing renters to keep themselves informed about events in the community. A concise summary of the community is also available on the site, allowing residents to get a quick flavor of life in Anthony by browsing through the website. There are other pages on the community's departments and its economy, while contact information is also available.
  • Anthony Independent School District's website, which has the motto "Lighting the Flame of Education," has pages for students, staff, schools, the school board and a variety of other ideal resources for parents.