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Houses for Rent in Freeport, Texas

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Find Coastal Houses for Rent in Freeport, TX

Freeport is a coastal town that sits within Brazoria County. It's approximately 30 minutes from Angleton. Homes for rent allow families to explore the Gulf and catch a few fish on the Bluefin Charter Boats. Visitors can also go dancing at Club VIP or go water skiing on the Old Brazos River.

Facts for Renters

  • The area was first discovered in 1528 by Cabeza de Vaca and named the river "Los Brazos de Dios." By 1822, Stephen Austin came to Texas via the Brazos River and founded Velasco. Over the next 15 years, 25,000 people arrived in Texas near Velasco. Velasco then became the first capital of the Republic of Texas thanks to their president, David Burnet.
  • The town was founded by the Freeport Sulphur Company in November 1912. Two years later, the town had a bank, a church, a fish and oyster plant and a hotel.
  • In 1929, locals diverted the Old Brazos River to south of town. The diversion left the river to become a harbor that led out to the Gulf of Mexico. Growth and jobs flourished in Freeport thanks to the construction from the Dow Chemical Company in 1939.
  • Velasco and Freeport then joined in 1957 to become the City of Freeport. Freeport also sits on the Texas Independence Trail.
  • The city's post office has continually run since it opened in 1898.
  • Today, the city is home to a series of bustling businesses, may which involve fishing or shrimping.

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