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Discover Houses for Rent in San Elizario, TX

San Elizario is a city in El Paso County, bordered on its west by the Rio Bravo del Norte. The city has a rich historic past, and is now a suburban community south of El Paso, near Ciudad Juarez in Mexico. Homes for rent in San Elizario allow families to make their own history in this old Texas city, while still enjoying modern conveniences such as local restaurants and national brand stores. 

Fun Facts for Renters

  • Many communities in Texas can trace their successes back to when the railroad came through the area. However, San Elizario was passed up by the railroad in favor of El Paso, which thrived with the new transportation. San Elizario therefore remained a small community throughout much of the 20th century before growing steadily from the 1960s to the booming community it is today. 
  • San Elizario was where Juan de Oñate entered the present day U.S. after crossing the Rio Grande in 1598. There was a settlement in the area for many years. It became a popular spot to resupply as miners headed west in the mid-1800s. San Elizario was well known for its delicious fruit, including plums and grapes. 

Helpful Resources for Residents 

  • Parents in San Elizario will want to visit the San Elizario Independent School District website for information for everything from school lunches and academic requirements to signing up for the football and school financial disclosures. 
  • One of the most popular attractions near San Elizario is the San Elizario Walking Tour, which takes people through a number of historic buildings and location the region. Many places date back to the 1700s - great for visitors or residents who want to learn more about their new home. 
  • Similar to the walking tour, the San Elizario Historic District offers renters an opportunity to learn more about the community, which was discovered more than four centuries ago.