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Apartments for Rent in Parkland, WA

The small city of Parkland, Washington is home to just over 37,000 residents. There is no shortage of opportunities for young adults aged 15-24, who make up a larger portion of the population here (20%) than nationally (14%), while retirees appear in smaller numbers. Overall, the city's population, with an average age of just under 35, is younger than most cities in Washington. Renters are slightly more common than homeowners in Parkland by a slim 56%-45% margin, driven in part by a relatively reasonable average rent that is $172 a month lower than the state average. Over the course of a year, renters in Parkland will save around $2,100 compared to the state average.

Parkland residents have an average commute of about 32 minutes. Driving a vehicle is the typical means of commuting to work, chosen by 37% of commuters, while public transit is not widely used. Not many commuters (2%) walk to work, though the number surpasses the national average.

Many Parkland residents work in one of three industries: retail, healthcare, and education. Combined, these industries make up 19% of the workforce in the city. Meanwhile, in terms of job function, 7% of the city's population works in sales, which ranks as the top profession in the city. Parkland workers take home an average annual income of about $57K, less than those elsewhere in Washington. The city's average income also trails the national average ($73,345). Compared to the national average (5%), Parkland has a relatively large percentage of residents older than 25 with an Associate's degree (7%). In addition, 7% possess a Bachelor's degree and 2% have earned a Master's degree or Doctorate.

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