How to Successfully Conduct a Live Virtual Property Tour

by Steffi Cook | Updated: Jul 10, 2020

As we’ve mentioned before, there are several ways to connect with renters and showcase your property even when social distancing guidelines are enforced. One of these is by conducting a live virtual property tour, or connecting with a renter through a video calling app and giving them a virtual tour of your rental. Making sure you’re prepared when these opportunities present themselves is key, so we've put together guidelines to help.

It’s crucial you have these tools available when you start working with renters virtually:

When prepping for a live virtual property tour, show the renter you’re enthusiastic about offering this alternative option. Treat it like a typical in-person tour as much as you can and give renters the best experience possible.

Before The Live Virtual Property Tour

We recommend setting expectations with each renter you give a virtual property tour to before it actually takes place. This includes:

  • Sharing how long you expect the tour and overall appointment to take so the renter can plan accordingly.
  • Asking the renter which video calling app they prefer using. If it’s your preferred choice, great. If not, see if you and the renter can come to a compromise and choose an app both of you are comfortable with. Testing out the app before the appointment to make sure you both can communicate with one another is key.
  • Confirm the appointment the day before with the renter. We recommend reaching out using the same communication method you’ve been using with the renter all along.

The Day of the Live Virtual Property Tour

Prepping your rental for a virtual property tour is just as important as when you prep it for an in-person one. Don’t forget to do the below:

  • Make sure your property is clean and tidy.
  • Turn off any fans and TVs.
  • Utilize natural light by pulling back curtains and opening blinds. Once this is done, turn on lights as needed.
  • Open all of the doors so you can move through each room easily.
  • Plan your route: choose a starting location (we recommend outside the front door) and plan how you’ll move throughout the entire space. 
  • Check the Internet connection in each room you plan to show.
  • Wipe down your smartphone’s camera lens.

During the Live Virtual Property Tour 

Besides looking professional, we recommend implementing these best practices during your live virtual property tour to make sure it goes smoothly:

  • Narrate each room you show, specifically calling out things you know are important to the renter.
  • Make sure to alternate where you hold the phone during the tour. In addition to holding it at eye-level, pan up and down to give the full view of each room.
  • Keeping a steady hand is key. When you do move throughout each room and pan up and down, make sure to do it slowly so the renter can process and absorb what they see.
  • Don’t forget to highlight smaller spaces such as cabinets, appliances and closets.
  • At the end of the tour, ask the renter for feedback on how it went.

For additional resources on how to conduct business during the Coronavirus pandemic, visit the below links:

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