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Discover Houses for Rent in Oak Grove, Kentucky

Oak Grove is in Christian County. Nearby cities include St. Elmo, Fort Campbell and Clarksville. The city's 60 minutes from Nashville, which is know as one of the nation's music capitals. Head to the charming southern city to sample its melange of restaurants, cafe and bars. Perhaps it's because the city is just a stone's throw away from Kentucky, but it boasts an excellent selection of whiskey-centric bars. Pop into Oak Bar tucked away in the heart of downtown to wet your whistle. Living so close to Nashville is just one reason why Oak Grove is a great place for families looking for homes for rent. 

Fun Facts about Oak Grove 

  • If you're searching for a new locale where you can meet friends for dinner and celebrate special occasions, look no further than Mikado steakhouse and sushi bar. Not in the mood to go out? The eatery offers take-out.
  • During the holiday season, don't miss Christmas on the Cumberland held in Clarksville, Tennessee. The ongoing event is composed of a Christmas light display. 
  • Foodies and beer loves can connect at the East Nashville Beer Festival. Stop by the soiree to sample a variety of hoppy, malty and bitter libations.
  • The Music City Brewer's Festival also offers an impressive craft beer collection in addition to good music. 

Information for Renters 

  • Visit the city's official website if you're interested in moving to the area. 
  • To learn more about Nashville's music scene head to Nashville Music City where you can explore upcoming shows.
  • Check out the Oak Grove Chamber of Commerce for additional information relevant to business and the local economy. You can also learn how to become a member via the site.