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Clinton is a unique community in Prince George's County, Md. This region is known for its historical role in the Civil War and the shaping of the American way of life. It also represents a major tie between Washington, D.C., and Baltimore, bridging a variety of demographic rifts through the ages. This makes the area a melting pot and cultural hotspot for a number of artistic, scientific and historic groups, as well as those in the market for homes for rent.

Things Clinton Renters Need to Know

  • Prior to the Civil War, Clinton was known as Surrattsville. Many local schools and public offices still use this name in honor of the region's roots, but these establishments are still part of the Clinton region.
  • The region is home to the Andrews Air Force Base, the seat of the Air Force Systems Command and home to Air Force One.
  • Clinton is a popular site for major motion picture productions. To date, a large number of Academy Award-winning films have been shot in Clinton.

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Clinton holds a special place in America's history. As one of the earliest settled areas and located quite close to Washington, D.C., the area is also known for its link to the Lincoln assassination. History buffs will enjoy the wide array of historical sites and museums the region has to offer. With so much attention to public works, the community is also filed with public parks and natural history sites, too.