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Houses for Rent in Edgewood, Maryland

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Find Gorgeous Houses for Rent in Edgewood, MD

Edgewood is a wonderful and inviting area in Harford County, not far from major urban destinations such as Baltimore and Washington D.C. There are plenty of homes for rent in this census-designated place, while it walks the line between a modern suburban area and a historic town, much like many of its neighbors, including Dundalk

Critical Considerations for Edgewood Renters

  • Edgewood has been home to several celebrities and professional athletes, including Frank Zappa, the legendary musician, and Brandon Albert of the Kansas City Chiefs. 
  • The area is also home to the Pooles Island Light, which has been included in the National Register of Historic Places for years. 
  • Edgewood is located in Harford County, which means that residents will have access to services from the county government as well as the community council. 
  • Edgewood has delicious options for eating, including legendary establishments such as My Three Sons Restaurant, Sam's Delicatessen and Pat's Pizzeria.

Helpful Resources for Prospective Edgewood Residents

  • For more information about goings-on in Greater Harford County, renters can refer to the main government page. 
  • Access to local resources can be found through the Town of Edgewood's official website.
  • Parents who want to learn about Edgewood schools and other educational opportunities within reach should check out the Harford County Public Schools website.

Things to Do in and Around Edgewood

Edgewood has no shortage of tranquil, yet suburban environments that are perfect for less extravagant nights out. However, when residents get the urge to go into a major city and visit more populated bars, nightclubs and other establishments, Baltimore is a relatively short drive away. Additionally, many residents will enjoy taking a trip to the Pooles Island Light, which is the oldest lighthouse still standing in all of the state.