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As one of the more socially active communities in all of the Greater Baltimore metropolitan area, Mount Washington is an excellent place to live for prospective residents hailing from a variety of backgrounds and demographics. Mount Washington is one of the northernmost neighborhoods of the city, and has all of the urban amenities many would expect from a bustling metropolitan area. There are plenty of homes for rent in this unique area. 

Considerations for Mount Washington Renters

  • Mount Washington has countless amenities that aren't shared by many other neighborhoods in the city, including a village association dedicated to communal improvements. 
  • This area of Baltimore is also home to some of the best restaurants in the city, granting renters easy access to plenty of leisurely opportunities throughout the week and weekend. 
  • Mount Washington is a historic community that has several 100-year-old homes, as well as more modernized living spaces and unique cottages. 
  • Clubs, boutiques, parks and more can be enjoyed by residents throughout the year. 

3 Resourceful Links for Mount Washington Residents

  • Individuals who'd like to learn more about the Mount Washington Improvement Association, which is a nonprofit group that services the community, should visit its website. 
  • Prospective residents who want to see just how many great places there are to eat in this community should check out the Baltimore Eats page dedicated to the neighborhood. 
  • Renters who feel as though they'll want to get involved in their new community can find more information about public services through the Mount Washington Village Association website. 

Living in Mount Washington

Baltimore is home to countless unique neighborhoods and communities, but Mount Washington stands out from the rest because of its extremely active resident population. From touring the historic streets of this legendary community to taking a short ride on public transit to the downtown area, Mount Washington has no shortage of advantages for the average renter.