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People commonly see Boston as the focal point in their search for a Massachusetts home for rent, and reasonably so. The city has gained a reputation of being the cultural center of New England. But beyond this hub, a number of smaller towns and cities boast the same value in terms of entertainment, nightlife and culture, only without the name recognition. Residents who rent a house in Waltham, Massachusetts, can speak firsthand about living in a comfortable city that keeps them busy with a wide array of recreational activities, restaurants, bars and sights to see.

Taking a Walk Just Outside Waltham Rental Homes

Many of those who rent homes in Waltham can navigate the city by foot, given its impressive public transportation system, walking trails and network of public parks. The Charles Riverwalk is the most popular route among residents, including those renting Waltham homes. Some people choose this spot to cast a fishing line into the river, some use it as a jogging path, and many others simply stroll along the river's banks to enjoy the view and saunter over to grab a meal at one of the restaurants in the area.

Grabbing a Bite to Eat in Waltham

The town has actually built quite a name for its bars and restaurants, many of which are located downtown on Moody Street. These hot spots include the Watch City Brewing Company, The Skelling, Outer Limits and Jake's Dixie Roadhouse. With such a colorful nightlife scene, many young professionals find homes in Waltham a good fit, and the summer concert series on the Waltham Common makes the city feel like home.

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