Homes for rent in Delaware

Find Houses for Rent in Delaware

Delaware, situated between New Jersey, Maryland and Pennsylvania, has a lot to offer renters. Whether in Dover, the state's capital, or Wilmington, a metropolitan center just 40 minutes from Philadelphia, Pa., homes for rent in Delaware may appeal to urbanites of diverse stripes. Renters seeking a slower-paced lifestyle near ample green space may want to settle in Smyrna, which is just a few miles from Bombay Hook National Wildlife refuge. Delaware has a rich past to draw on as well, making it a suitable home for aficionados of early American history.

Intriguing DE Information for Renters to Learn

  • Delaware was the first of the initial 13 colonies to accept the U.S. Constitution. On December 7, 1787, Delaware became the first U.S. state.
  • Spanish explorers were among the earliest adventurers to visit the land now known as Delaware, probing the coastline in the 1500s. Later, Samuel Argall reconnoitered the area in 1610 while Cornelius Hendricksen toured the region in 1614.
  • Jeremiah Dixon and Charles Mason, British scientists, surveyed the limits of Delaware from 1763 to 1768.
  • Delaware embraced its first state constitution in 1792, though it didn't ratify its present charter until 1897.

Top 4 Destinations for Delaware Renters to Enjoy

  • Renters with a zest for outdoor experience will want to visit Brandywine Creek State Park, a beautiful 933-acre natural haven. The park hosts a variety of activities, including picnicking, hiking, fishing, geocaching and disc golf. In addition, visitors can roam 14 miles of trails while observing local wildlife or taking pictures.
  • Art lovers have an alluring option at the Delaware Art Museum, located in Wilmington. At the museum culture enthusiasts can gaze upon paintings by British and American artists or peruse the Copeland Sculpture Garden.
  • Also in Wilmington, the Hagley Museum and Library lies on 235 acres near the Brandywine River. The institution preserves documents that detail the history of technology, communications and business in the U.S.
  • The Air Mobility Command Museum attracts individuals that have a passion for planes and related paraphernalia. Displays cover topics such as airborne refueling, the Korean War, and Berlin aircraft. The museum also lets visitors encounter a number of preserved air vehicles, from the C-47A Skytrain to the B-17G Flying Fortress.

Fun Facts for Delaware Renters to Learn

Milk has been the state beverage of Delaware since 1983 and is a perfect compliment to the state desert, peach pie. Delaware is nicknamed the "Blue Hen State" in honor of the birds that Delaware Revolutionary War soldiers brought with them for amusement in the form of cockfights.