Homes for rent in New Hampshire

Find Houses for Rent in New Hampshire

New Hampshire is located amid several New England states, itself a part of the northeastern region. Massachusetts lies to the south of New Hampshire, while Vermont is to the west and Maine to the east. The southeasternmost part of New Hampshire connects to the Atlantic Ocean and allows shoreline transit between Massachusetts and Maine. Homes for rent in New Hampshire can appeal to renters that enjoy the New England esthetic, from the historic atmosphere to beautiful forest landscapes. Manchester, Concord and Nashua are the largest cities in the state, though Boston is only a short ride away from New Hampshire's southern border.

Intriguing Information for NH Renters to Discover

  • In 1623, New Hampshire began with a fishing settlement founded at the mouth of the Piscataqua River as a result of an English land grant.
  • The first fish and game department in New England was created in New Hampshire in 1865, which continues to promote the preservation and growth of fish and game in present times.
  • Many of the early towns of New Hampshire were named after English royalty, while others bore the monikers of the major donors that contributed to their establishment.

Top 3 Destinations for New Hampshire Renters

  • Among the most unique attractions in New Hampshire is the Castle in the Clouds, situated on the Lucknow estate of Tom and Olive Plant. Visitors can check out the mansion's 16 rooms and the various artifacts contained within its walls. Additionally, the Carriage House Cafe serves delectable dishes while an onsite art gallery can delight the eyes of culture aficionados.
  • Beer fans may want to stop by Merrimack and take one of Anheuser-Busch's Brewery Tours. During the tour, the brew-curious can learn about the beer making process and taste a selection of beverages in the Hospitality Room to finish the visit.
  • At Hampton Beach, ocean lovers can dig their toes into the sand or take a dip in cool New England waters. In addition to aquatic enjoyment, beach goers can also dine at local restaurants, go shopping, take a boat ride or even gamble.

Fun Facts to Learn About New Hampshire

Due to the large quantities of granite located within its borders, New Hampshire is nicknamed "The Granite State." Robert Frost, the famous American poet, lived in Derry for nine years. In 1809, John Stark coined New Hampshire's slogan, "Live free or die."