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Explore Houses for Rent in Amarillo, TX

Located near Odessa and Abilene, Amarillo is the largest city in Texas's northern panhandle. Home to ranches, steakhouses and traditional Texan living, homes for rent in Amarillo are perfect for families who want to grow up in a focused community.

Fun Facts About Amarillo

  • Though it might have fallen out of use, helium used to be an incredibly useful element, and Amarillo was once the helium capital of the world. With massive deposits of the gas underground, Amarillo was a major location for mining operations throughout the 20th century.
  • Amarillo is the home of three world-class golf courses: Amarillo Country Club, Tascosa Golf Club and Ross Rogers Golf Complex. These three facilities range in terms of exclusivity, price and groundskeeping, so residents of all experiences can pick the right course for them.
  • The Wonderland Amusement Park has all the thrills residents of Amarillo could ask for. The park has several large roller coasters and other rides, as well as food and entertainment options for other guests. Families can also go head-to-head in one of Amarillo's best mini-golf courses.

Helpful Resources for Residents of Amarillo

  • Getting from place to place in Texas can be tough in just a car, but Amarillo residents can make use of the Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport to cut their commutes in half. With regular flights throughout Texas, the Midwest and Mexico, the airport lets residents travel out-of-state and still be home in time for dinner.
  • The world-famous Texas Tech University has its Health Sciences Center in Amarillo. Not only do some of the world's best doctors train at the facility, but residents can receive the best medical care at discounted rates.