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Houses for Rent in Idalou, Texas

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Discover Beautiful Houses for Rent in Idalou, TX

Idalou is a charming community located in Lubbock County. It's approximately 15 minutes from the city of Lubbock. Homes for rent in Idalou allow families to visit downtown Lubbock for shopping and dining, explore the outdoors in County Park or try out a local favorite and go to the Dixie Dog Drive In.

Facts for Renters

  • The town started as a small settlement of people who lived around the Santa Fe Railway depot in 1910. The railway was built from Lubbock to Crosbyton.
  • There's a dispute over the origin of the town's name. Some claim that the town was named after one of the early settlers Lou Bacon and his wife Ida. Others believe it was named after Ida and Lou Bassett, who were daughters of Julian Bassett, the vice president of a local livestock company.
  • In 1916, local ranchers began selling the land for cotton and maize farming. At the time, the town had a blacksmith shop, a grocery store, a schoolhouse and a few homes. By 1917, a post office opened.
  • In 1925, the town was incorporated into the state. Five years later, Idalou had 28 businesses.
  • Today, the town is still a large exporter of cotton and sorghum, a plant that produces a certain type of grain.

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